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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Stability of monetary unions: Lessons from the break-up of CzechoslovakiaFidrmuc, Jan; Horvath, Julius; Fidrmuc, Jarko
2000 Integration, disintegration and trade in Europe: Evolution of trade relations during the 1990sFidrmuc, Jarko; Fidrmuc, Jan
2000 Liberalization, democracy and economic performance during transitionFidrmuc, Jan
2001 Democracy in transition economies: Grease or sand in the wheels of growth?Fidrmuc, Jan
2001 Disintegration and TradeFidrmuc, Jarko; Fidrmuc, Jan
2001 Disintegration and tradeFidrmuc, Jarko; Fidrmuc, Jan
2001 Democracy in transition economies: Grease or sand in the wheels of growth?Fidrmuc, Jan
2001 Migration and adjustment to shocks in transition economiesFidrmuc, Jan
2004 Who is in favor of enlargement? Determinants of support for EU membership in the candidate countries' referendaDoyle, Orla; Fidrmuc, Jan
2004 Labor mobility during transition: evidence from the Czech RepublicFidrmuc, Jan
2005 Voice of the diaspora: An analysis of migrant voting behaviorFidrmuc, Jan; Doyle, Orla
2006 Who Is Willing to Migrate in the CEECS? Evidence From the Czech RepublicHuber, Peter; Fidrmuc, Jan
2007 The Willingness to Migrate in the CEECs. Evidence from the Czech RepublicFidrmuc, Jan; Huber, Peter
2009 Anthropometry of love - height and gender asymmetries in interethnic marriagesBelot, Michèle; Fidrmuc, Jan
2010 Civil society, institutional change and the politics of reform: The great transitionBruszt, László; Campos, Nauro F.; Fidrmuc, Jan; Roland, Gérard
2012 Reform, uncertainty and spillovers: A gravity model approachFidrmuc, Jan; Karaja, Elira; Tichit, Ariane
2012 Government spending shocks and the multiplier: New evidence from the US based on natural disastersYang, Weonho; Fidrmuc, Jan; Ghosh, Sugata
2012 How i learned to stop worrying and love the crisisFidrmuc, Jan; Tichit, Ariane
2012 Macroeconomic effects of government spending shocks: New evidence using natural disaster relief in KoreaYang, Weonho; Fidrmuc, Jan; Ghosh, Sugata
2013 National Minimum Wage and Employment of Young Workers in the UKFidrmuc, Jan; Tena, J. D.