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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Employment generation in rural Africa: Mid-term results from an experimental evaluation of the youth opportunities program in Northern UgandaBlattman, Christopher; Fiala, Nathan; Martinez, Sebastian
2013 Skills in the marketplace individual characteristics and bargaining ability in a field-based experimentFiala, Nathan
2013 Improving development effectiveness through R&D: Dynamic learning and evaluationFiala, Nathan; Mangan, Cormac
2014 Skills Training for Entrepreneurs in Developing CountriesFiala, Nathan
2014 Trusting former rebels: An experimental approach to understanding reintegration after civil warBauer, Michal; Fiala, Nathan; Levely, Ian
2014 Trusting Former Rebels: An Experimental Approach to Understanding Reintegration after Civil WarBauer, Michal; Fiala, Nathan; Levely, Ian
2014 Förderung von Mikrounternehmen in Uganda: Geschäfte von Männern profitieren von Krediten kombiniert mit SchulungenFiala, Nathan; Janes, Laurin
2018 The supply chain for seed in Uganda: Where does it all go wrong?Barriga, Alicia; Fiala, Nathan
2018 What do we know about the impact of microfinance? The problems of power and precisionDahal, Mahesh; Fiala, Nathan
2018 Social accountability and service delivery: Experimental evidence from UgandaFiala, Nathan; Premand, Patrick
2019 The long term impacts of grants on poverty: 9-year evidence from Uganda's Youth Opportunities ProgramBlattman, Christopher; Fiala, Nathan; Martinez, Sebastian