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2008Arme Schuldner - Reiche Schuldner? Haushaltsverschuldung und Geldvermoegen privater Haushalte auf Basis von Mikrodaten (Poor Debtors - Rich Debtors? Household Indebtedness and Financial Assets of Private Households Based on Micro Data)Fessler, Pirmin; Mooslechner, Peter
2014The impact of housing non-cash income on the unconditional distribution of household income in AustriaFessler, Pirmin; Rehm, Miriam; Tockner, Lukas
2014Net wealth across the euro area - why household structure matters and how to control for itFessler, Pirmin; Lindner, Peter; Segalla, Esther
2014How do households allocate their assets? Stylised facts from the Eurosystem household finance and consumption surveyArrondel, Luc; Bartiloro, Laura; Fessler, Pirmin; Lindner, Peter; Mathä, Thomas Y.; Rampazzi, Cristiana; Savignac, Frédérique; Schmidt, Tobias; Schürz, Martin; Vermeulen, Philip
2015Private wealth across European countries: the role of income, inheritance and the welfare stateFessler, Pirmin; Schürz, Martin
2018Exploring differences in financial literacy across countries: the role of individual characteristics and institutionsCupak, Andrej; Fessler, Pirmin; Silgoner, Maria Antoinette; Ulbrich, Elisabeth
2018The functions of wealth: renters, owners and capitalists across Europe and the United StatesFessler, Pirmin; Schürz, Martin
2019Risky assets in Europe and the US: Risk vulnerability, risk aversion and economic environmentBekhtiar, Karim; Fessler, Pirmin; Lindner, Peter
2019Förderung der sozialen Mobilität in Österreich / Vermögen der privaten Haushalte in Österreich: Gemeinsamkeiten und UnterschiedeFörster, Michael F.; Königs, Sebastian; Fessler, Pirmin; Schürz, Martin
2020Helicopter Money in Europe: New Evidence on the Marginal Propensity to Consume across European HouseholdsDrescher, Katharina; Fessler, Pirmin; Lindner, Peter
2021Who's asking? Interviewer effects on unit non-response in the Household Finance and Consumption SurveyAlbacete, Nicolas; Fessler, Pirmin; Lindner, Peter
2022Environmental-Social-Governance Preferences and Investments in Crypto-AssetsCiaian, Pavel; Cupak, Andrej; Fessler, Pirmin; Kancs, d'Artis
2022Environmental-social-governance preferences and the holding of crypto-assetsCiaian, Pavel; Cupak, Andrej; Fessler, Pirmin; Kancs, D'Artis
2022The Wealth Distribution and Redistributive Preferences: Evidence from a Randomized Survey ExperimentAlbacete, Nicolas; Fessler, Pirmin; Lindner, Peter
2023Households' financial resilience, risk perceptions, and financial literacy: Evidence from a survey experimentBucher-Koenen, Tabea; Fessler, Pirmin; Silgoner, Maria Antoinette
2023The subjective wealth distribution: How it arises and why it matters to inform policy?Fessler, Pirmin; Rapp, Severin
2024The role of MPC heterogeneity for fiscal and monetary policy in the Euro AreaAlbacete, Nicolas; Fessler, Pirmin; Pekanov, Atanas