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2008Valuing spatially dispersed environmental goods: A joint revealed and stated preference model to consistently separate use and non-use valuesFerrini, Silvia; Fezzi, Carlo; Day, Brett H.; Bateman, Ian J.
2008A choice modelling approach for assessment of use and quasi-option values in urban planning for areas of environmental interestStrazzera, Elisabetta; Cherchi, Elisabetta; Ferrini, Silvia
2009Making benefit transfers work: Deriving and testing principles for value transfers for similar and dissimilar sites using a case study of the non-market benefits of water quality improvements across EuropeBateman, Ian J.; Brouwer, Roy; Ferrini, Silvia; Schaafsma, Marije; Barton, David N.; Dubgaard, Anders; Hasler, Berit; Hime, Stephanie; Navrud, Stale; De Nocker, Leo; Ščeponavičiūtė, Rasa; Semėnienė, Daiva
2010Testing the theoretical consistency of stated preferences for tropical wildlife conservationMorse-Jones, Sian; Bateman, Ian; Kontoleon, Andreas; Ferrini, Silvia; Burgess, Neil
2012Integrated and spatially explicit modelling of the economic value of complex environmental change and its indirect effectsBateman, Ian; Binner, Amy; Coombes, Emma; Day, Brett; Ferrini, Silvia; Fezzi, Carlo; Hutchins, Michael; Posen, Paulette
2012Using revealed preferences to estimate the value of travel time to recreation sitesFezzi, Carlo; Bateman, Ian; Ferrini, Silvia
2013Estimating the Value of Travel Time to Recreational Sites Using Revealed PreferencesFezzi, Carlo; Bateman, Ian J.; Ferrini, Silvia