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2016GDP growth and convergence determinants in the European Union: a crisp-set analysisFerreira, Paulo; Dionísio, Andreia
2019Contagion of the subprime financial crisis on frontier stock markets: A copula analysisMohti, Wahbeeah; Dionísio, Andreia Teixeira Marques; Ferreira, Paulo; Vieira, Isabel
2019Long-range behaviour and correlation in DFA and DCCA analysis of cryptocurrenciesCosta, Natália; Silva, César; Ferreira, Paulo
2019Detrended correlation coefficients between exchange rate (in dollars) and stock markets in the world's largest economiesFerreira, Paulo; da Silva, Marcus Fernandes; de Santana, Idaraí Santos
2019Contagion effect in cryptocurrency marketFerreira, Paulo; Pereira, Éder
2020From big data to econophysics and its use to explain complex phenomenaFerreira, Paulo; Pereira, Éder J. A. L.; Pereira, Hernane B. B.
2020Evidence of intraday multifractality in European stock markets during the recent coronavirus (covid-19) outbreakAslam, Faheem; Mohti, Wahbeeah; Ferreira, Paulo
2020Efficiency of the Brazilian Bitcoin: A DFA approachQuintino, Derick; Campoli, Jéssica Suarez; Burnquist, Heloisa Lee; Ferreira, Paulo
2020EU stock markets vs. Germany, UK and US: Analysis of dynamic comovements using time-varying DCCA correlation coefficientsTilfani, Oussama; Ferreira, Paulo; Dionísio, Andreia Teixeira Marques; El Boukfaoui, My Youssef
2021Intraday volatility spillovers among European financial markets during COVID-19Aslam, Faheem; Ferreira, Paulo; Mughal, Khurrum Shahzad; Bashir, Beenish
2021Cross-correlations in meat prices in Brazil: A non-linear approach using different time scalesQuintino, Derick; da Gama, José Telo; Ferreira, Paulo
2021Transfer entropy approach for portfolio optimization: An empirical approach for CESEE marketsŠkrinjarić, Tihana; Quintino, Derick; Ferreira, Paulo
2021The effects of government bonds on liquidity risk and bank profitability in Cape VerdeTeixeira, José Carlos; Vieira, Carlos; Ferreira, Paulo
2021Seasonality in fuel consumption: A case study of a gas stationRosado, João; Guerra, Daniel; Ferreira, Paulo
2022Uncertainty and risk in the cryptocurrency marketAlmeida, Dora; Dionísio, Andreia Teixeira Marques; Vieira, Isabel; Ferreira, Paulo
2022A giant falls: The impact of evergrande on Asian stock indexesAlmeida, Dora; Dionísio, Andreia Teixeira Marques; Haque, Muhammad Enamul; Ferreira, Paulo
2022Analysis of the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the intraday efficiency of agricultural futures marketsAslam, Faheem; Ferreira, Paulo; Ali, Haider