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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Debt dynamics and contingency financing: Theoretical reappraisal of the HIPC initiativeNissanke, Machiko; Ferrarini, Benno
2009 Tariff Liberalization and Trade Specialization in IndiaAlessandrini, Michele; Fattouh, Bassam; Ferrarini, Benno; Scaramozzino, Pasquale
2010 Fiscal Sustainability in Developing AsiaAdams, Charles; Ferrarini, Benno; Park, Donghyun
2011 Mapping Vertical TradeFerrarini, Benno
2013 Complexity, Specialization, and GrowthFerrarini, Benno; Scaramozzino, Pasquale
2013 Myanmar's Trade and its PotentialFerrarini, Benno
2013 Bilateral Trade and Food SecurityBrooks, Douglas; Ferrarini, Benno; Go, Eugenia
2014 Asian Development Outlook Forecast SkillFerrarini, Benno
2015 What Accounts for the Growth of Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Advanced and Emerging Economies? The Role of Consumption, Technology, and Global Supply Chain TradeFerrarini, Benno; de Vries, Gaaitzen J.
2015 Public Debt Sustainability in Developing Asia: An UpdateFerrarini, Benno; Ramayandi, Arief
2016 Contingent claims analysis of sovereign debt sustainability in Asian emerging marketsBrière, Marie; Ferrarini, Benno; Ramayandi, Arief
2017 Leverage and capital structure determinants of Chinese listed companiesFerrarini, Benno; Hinojales, Marthe; Scaramozzino, Pasquale
2017 Distributed ledger technologies for developing AsiaFerrarini, Benno; Maupin, Julie; Hinojales, Marthe
2018 State-owned enterprises leverage as a contingency in public debt sustainability analysis: The case of the People's Republic of ChinaFerrarini, Benno; Hinojales, Marthe
2019 Asian development outlook forecast accuracy 2007-2016Ferrarini, Benno
2019 The growth impact of disasters in developing AsiaDagli, Suzette; Ferrarini, Benno