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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 To what Extent are Public Pensions Pareto-improving? On the Interaction of Means Tested Basic Income and Public PensionsFenge, Robert; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2000 How Much Fiscal Equalisation?Fenge, Robert; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2001 Vorgezogener Ruhestand - Anreizwirkungen aktueller RentenreformvorschlägeFenge, Robert
2001 Why Cities Should not be SubsidizedFenge, Robert; Meier, Volker
2001 Die Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf: der Schlüssel für eine kinderreiche GesellschaftFenge, Robert; Ochel, Wolfgang
2001 Institutional Incentives for Early Retirement in the EU Member StatesFenge, Robert
2002 Second-best Properties of Implicit Social Security Taxes: Theory and Empirical EvidenceFenge, Robert; Uebelmesser, Silke; Werding, Martin
2003 Pensions and Fertility IncentivesFenge, Robert; Meier, Volker
2003 Ageing and the Tax Implied in Public Pension Schemes: Simulations for Selected OECD CountriesFenge, Robert; Werding, Martin
2003 Generationengerechtigkeit im GesundheitswesenFenge, Robert
2003 Taxing Pensions: Cross-country Differences and International Co-ordinationFenge, Robert; Werding, Martin
2003 Ageing and Fiscal Imbalances Across Generations: Concepts of MeasurementFenge, Robert; Werding, Martin
2004 EU Regional Policy: Vertical Fiscal Externalities and Matching GrantsFenge, Robert; Wrede, Matthias
2004 Are Family Allowances and Fertility-related pensions Siamese Twins?Fenge, Robert; Meier, Volker
2005 Gerechtigkeit und Effizienz nachgelagerter StudiengebührenBecker, Sascha O.; Fenge, Robert
2006 Subsidies for wages and infrastructure: how to restrain undesired immigrationFenge, Robert; Meier, Volker
2006 Mixing Bismarck and child pension systems: an optimum taxation approachFenge, Robert; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2006 "Generation Enkellos" und Rentenbeitragsrabatt für ElternFenge, Robert; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2007 Fiscal competition, convergence and agglomerationFenge, Robert; von Ehrlich, Maximilian; Wrede, Matthias
2008 Going NUTS: the effect of EU structural funds on regional performanceBecker, Sascha O.; Egger, Peter; von Ehrlich, Maximilian; Fenge, Robert