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1998Do Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Stabilize Employment?Fendel, Ralf; Frenkel, Michael
2003The new ECB voting system: Some room for improvementFrenkel, Michael; Fendel, Ralf
2003Deutschlands Abschneiden im 'Global Competitiveness Report 2002 - 2003'Fendel, Ralf; Frenkel, Michael
2004Towards a Joint Characterization of Monetary Policy and the Dynamics of the Term Structure of Interest RatesFendel, Ralf
2004Das Pro und Kontra der Einfühung inflationsindexierter StaatsanleihenFendel, Ralf; Frenkel, Michael
2005The international competitiveness of Germany and other European economies: the assessment of the global competitiveness reportFendel, Ralf; Frenkel, Michael
2005Wozu Studien zur Wettbewerbsfähigkeit von Volkswirtschaften?Fendel, Ralf; Frenkel, Michael
2008Does the financial market believe in the Phillips Curve? Evidence from the G7 countriesFendel, Ralf; Lis, Eliza M.; Rülke, Jan-Christoph
2008Die deutsche Preisniveauentwicklung vor dem Hintergrund der Entwicklungen in der Europäischen WährungsunionFendel, Ralf
2013Monetary policy and stock market volatilityBleich, Dirk; Fendel, Ralf; Rülke, Jan-Christoph
2013Economies: An open access journal for the field of development macroeconomicsFendel, Ralf
2015'Economies' inclusion in the 'Web of Science' and changes in its review processFendel, Ralf
2022Comparing the situation of FinTech start-ups in Russia and Germany through equity investmentsKostin, Konstantin B.; Fendel, Ralf; Wild, Friedrich
2023Verglüht der Stern der Modern Monetary Theory?Fendel, Ralf; Schmidt, André