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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Why are Some Countries Richer than Others? A Reassessment of Mankiw-Romer-Weil's Test of the Neoclassical Growth ModelFelipe, Jesus; McCombie, John
2004 Competitiveness, Income Distribution, and Growth in the Philippines: What Does the Long-run Evidence Show?Felipe, Jesus; Sipin, Grace C.
2005 Export or Domestic-Led Growth in Asia?Felipe, Jesus; Lim, Joseph
2007 An Analysis of the Philippine Business Process Outsourcing IndustryMagtibay-Ramos, Nedelyn; Estrada, Gemma; Felipe, Jesus
2007 Benchmarking Developing Asia's Manufacturing SectorFelipe, Jesus; Estrada, Gemma
2007 Sectoral Engines of Growth in Developing Asia: Stylized Facts and ImplicationsFelipe, Jesus; León-Ledesma, Miguel; Lanzafame, Matteo; Estrada, Gemma
2009 Is Pakistan's Growth Rate Balance-of-Payments Constrained? Policies and Implications for Development and GrowthFelipe, Jesus; McCombie, J. S. L.; Naqvi, Kaukab
2010 Why has China succeeded - and why it will continue to do soFelipe, Jesus; Kumar, Utsav; Usui, Norio; Abdon, Arnelyn
2010 A reassessment of the use of unit labor costs as a tool for competitiveness and policy analyses in IndiaFelipe, Jesus; Kumar, Utsav
2010 How rich countries became rich and why poor countries remain poor: It's economic structure ... duh!Felipe, Jesus; Kumar, Utsav; Abdon, Arnelyn
2010 Product complexity and economic developmentAbdon, Arnelyn; Bacate, Marife; Felipe, Jesus; Kumar, Utsav
2010 The role of trade facilitation in Central Asia: A gravity modelFelipe, Jesus; Kumar, Utsav
2010 Asia and the global crisis: Recovery prospects and the futureFelipe, Jesus
2010 Using capabilities to project growth, 2010-30Felipe, Jesus; Kumar, Utsav; Abdon, Arnelyn
2010 As you sow so shall you reap: From capabilities to opportunitiesFelipe, Jesus; Kumar, Utsav; Abdon, Arnelyn
2010 Exports, capabilities, and industrial policy in IndiaFelipe, Jesus; Kumar, Utsav; Abdon, Arnelyn
2010 Exploring the Philippine economic landscape and structural change using the input-output frameworkMagtibay-Ramos, Nedelyn; Estrada, Gemma; Felipe, Jesus
2010 Modeling technological progress and investment in China: Some caveatsFelipe, Jesus; McCombie, John
2010 Technical change in India's organized manufacturing sectorFelipe, Jesus; Kumar, Utsav
2010 The impact of geography an natural resource abundance on growth in Central AsiaFelipe, Jesus; Kumar, Utsav