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1995 Fiskalischer Wettbewerb in der EU: Wird der Wohlfahrtsstaat zusammenbrechen?Feld, Lars P.; Kirchgässner, Gebhard
2000 Budget Referendums and Government Spending: Evidence from SwissFeld, Lars P.; Matsusaka, John G.
2000 Trust Breeds Trust: How Taxpayers are TreatedFeld, Lars P.; Frey, Bruno S.
2000 Income Tax Competition at the State and Local Level in SwitzerlandFeld, Lars P.; Kirchgässner, Gebhard
2001 On Government Centralization and Budget Referendums: Evidence from SwitzerlandSchaltegger, Christoph A.; Feld, Lars P.
2001 The Impact of Corporate and Personal Income Taxes on the Location of Firms and on Employment: Some Panel Evidence for the Swiss CantonsFeld, Lars P.; Kirchgässner, Gebhard
2002 Why People Obey the Law: Experimental Evidence from the Provision of Public GoodsFeld, Lars P.; Tyran, Jean-Robert
2002 Deterrence and Morale in Taxation: An Empirical AnalysisFrey, Bruno S.; Feld, Lars P.
2002 Book Review: Welfare and Employment in a United EuropeFeld, Lars P.
2003 Economic Growth and Judicial Independence: Cross Country Evidence Using a New Set of IndicatorsFeld, Lars P.; Voigt, Stefan
2003 Föderalismus, Dezentralität und WirtschaftswachstumFeld, Lars P.; Zimmermann, Horst; Döring, Thomas
2003 The Role of Direct Democracy in the European UnionFeld, Lars P.; Kirchgässner, Gebhard
2003 Decentralized Taxation and the Size of Government: Evidence from Swiss State and Local GovernmentsFeld, Lars P.; Kirchgässner, Gebhard; Schaltegger, Christoph A.
2003 La décentralisation fiscale en Suisse, quelles conséquences en termes de concurrence fiscale, redistribution, fourniture de services publics et développement régional?Feld, Lars P.; Reulier, Emmanuelle
2004 Making judges independent : some proposals regarding the judiciaryFeld, Lars P.; Voigt, Stefan
2004 Do large cabinets favor large governments? : evidence from Swiss sub-federal jurisdictionsFeld, Lars P.; Schaltegger, Christoph A.
2004 Sustainable fiscal policy in a federal system: Switzerland as an exampleFeld, Lars P.; Kirchgässner, Gebhard
2004 On government centralization and fiscal referendums: a theoretical model and evidence from SwitzerlandFeld, Lars P.; Schnellenbach, Jan; Schaltegger, Christoph A.
2004 The role of direct democracy in the European UnionFeld, Lars P.; Kirchgässner, Gebhard
2004 Illegal, immoral, fattening or what?: How deterrence and responsive regulation shape tax moraleFeld, Lars P.; Frey, Bruno S.