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2004 Exploring the intensive and extensive margins of world tradeFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Kohler, Wilhelm K.
2004 Specialization on a Technologically Stagnant Sector Need Not Be Bad for GrowthFelbermayr, Gabriel J.
2004 Immigration and native welfareFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Kohler, Wilhelm
2008 Sorting it out: Technical barriers to trade and industry productivityFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Jung, Benjamin
2008 Trade intermediaries, incomplete contracts, and the choice of export modesFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Jung, Benjamin
2008 Sorting It Out: Technical Barriers to Trade and Industry ProductivityFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Jung, Benjamin
2008 Globalization and labor market outcomes: wage bargaining, search frictions, and firm heterogeneityFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Prat, Julien; Schmerer, Hans-Jörg
2008 Restrictive immigration policy in Germany: pains and gains foregone?Felbermayr, Gabriel J.; Geis, Wido; Kohler, Wilhelm K.
2009 Unemployment in an interdependent worldFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Larch, Mario; Lechthaler, Wolfgang
2011 Natural disasters and the effect of trade on income: A new panel IV approachFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Gröschl, Jasmin
2011 Kyoto and carbon leakage: An empirical analysis of the carbon content of bilateral tradeAichele, Rahel; Felbermayr, Gabriel J.
2011 Home market effects and the single-sector Melitz modelFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Jung, Benjamin
2011 Estimating the effects of Kyoto on bilateraltrade flows using matching econometricsAichele, Rahel; Felbermayr, Gabriel J.
2011 Export Credit Guarantees and Export Performance: An Empirical Analysis for GermanyFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Yalcin, Erdal
2011 Trade intermediation and the organization of exportersFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Jung, Benjamin
2012 Migration, international trade and capital formation: Cause or effect?Felbermayr, Gabriel J.; Grossmann, Volker; Kohler, Wilhelm K.
2012 Mitigating liquidity constraints: Public export credit guarantees in GermanyFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Heiland, Inga; Yalcin, Erdal
2012 A simple theory of trade, finance, and firm dynamicsFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Spiegel, Gilbert
2012 International Trade and Collective Bargaining Outcomes: Evidence from German Employer-Employee DataFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Hauptmann, Andreas; Schmerer, Hans-Jörg
2012 International Student Mobility and High-Skilled Migration: The EvidenceFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Reczkowski, Isabella