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2012 Dansk bistand som sikkerhedspolitisk instrument, 1992 - 2009Stepputat, Finn; Engberg-Pedersen, Lars; Fejerskov, Adam Moe
2013 European Union development cooperation in a changing global contextFejerskov, Adam Moe
2013 Post-2015: what can the European Union learn from past international negotiations?Keijzer, Niels; Fejerskov, Adam Moe
2013 Practice makes perfect? The European Union's engagement in negotiations on a post-2015 framework for developmentFejerskov, Adam Moe; Keijzer, Niels
2014 Going global? The engagements of Danish private foundations in international development cooperationFejerskov, Adam Moe; Rasmussen, Christel
2016 China's overseas investment in critical infrastructure: Nuclear power and telecommunicationsJiang, Yang; Tonami, Aki; Fejerskov, Adam Moe
2016 Uncovering the dynamics of interaction in development cooperation: A review of the "new actors in development" research agendaFejerskov, Adam Moe; Lundsgaarde, Erik; Cold-Ravnkilde, Signe Marie
2016 Financing Sustainable Development: Actors, interests, politicsFejerskov, Adam Moe; Funder, Mikkel; Engberg-Pedersen, Lars; Jiang, Yang; Ravnborg, Helle Munk; Webster, Neil
2017 Regional interests in African peace operationsFejerskov, Adam Moe; Cold-Ravnkilde, Signe Marie; Albrecht, Peter
2018 Analysing climate finance coordinationLundsgaarde, Erik; Fejerskov, Adam Moe; Skovgaard, Jakob
2020 "No place for me here": The challenges of Ethiopian male return migrantsFejerskov, Adam Moe; Meron Zeleke
2020 Innovative responses to Covid-19: Future pathways for "techvelopment" and innovationFejerskov, Adam Moe; Fetterer, Dane