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2007On the age dynamics of learned societies: Taking the example of the Austrian Academy of SciencesFeichtinger, Gustav; Winkler-Dworak, Maria; Freund, Inga; Prskawetz, Alexia
2009The reproductive value in distributed optimal control modelsWrzaczek, Stefan; Kuhn, Michael; Prskawetz, Alexia; Feichtinger, Gustav
2010Modelling social dynamics (of obesity) and thresholdsWirl, Franz; Feichtinger, Gustav
2010Externalities in a life-cycle model with endogenous survivalKuhn, Michael; Wrzaczek, Stefan; Prskawetz, Alexia; Feichtinger, Gustav
2011Optimal Choice of Health and Retirement in a Life-Cycle ModelKuhn, Michael; Wrzaczek, Stefan; Prskawetz, Alexia; Feichtinger, Gustav
2011The impact of policies influencing the demography of age-structured populations: Lessons from academies of scienceRiosmena, Fernando; Winkler-Dworak, Maria; Prskawetz, Alexia; Feichtinger, Gustav
2011The reproductive value as part of the shadow price of populationFeichtinger, Gustav; Kuhn, Michael; Prskawetz, Alexia; Wrzaczek, Stefan
2012Optimal choice of health and retirement in a life-cycle modelKuhn, Michael; Wrzaczek, Stefan; Prskawetz, Alexia; Feichtinger, Gustav
2013Do egalitarian societies boost fertility?Feichtinger, Gustav; Prskawetz, Alexia; Seidl, Andrea; Simon, Christa; Wrzaczek, Stefan
2014R&D for green technologies in a dynamic oligopoly: Schumpeter, Arrow and inverted-U'sFeichtinger, Gustav; Lambertini, Luca; Leitmann, George; Wrzaczek, Stefan
2019Growth and Collapse of Empires: A Dynamic Optimization ModelYegorov, Yuri; Grass, Dieter; Mirescu, Magda; Feichtinger, Gustav; Wirl, Franz
2021COVID-19 and optimal lockdown strategies: The effect of new and more virulent strainsCaulkins, Jonathan P.; Grass, Dieter; Feichtinger, Gustav; Hartl, Richard; Kort, Peter M.; Prskawetz, Alexia; Seidl, Andrea; Wrzaczek, Stefan
2023On the momentum of pseudostable populationsFeichtinger, Gustav; Rau, Roland; Novak, Andreas J.