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2008 Illegal trade in the Iranian economy: evidence from a structural modelFarzanegan, Mohammad Reza
2008 The effects of oil price shocks on the Iranian economyFarzanegan, Mohammad Reza; Markwardt, Gunther
2011 Pollution, shadow economy and corruption: Theory and evidenceBiswas, Amit K.; Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza; Thum, Marcel
2012 Pollution, economic development and democracy: Evidence from the MENA countriesFarzanegan, Mohammad Reza; Markwardt, Gunther
2012 Resource wealth and entrepreneurship: A blessing or a curse?Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza
2012 Hold your breath: A new index of air qualityBuehn, Andreas; Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza
2012 Military spending and economic growth: The case of IranFarzanegan, Mohammad Reza
2012 Fiscal decentralization and pollution: Institutions matterFarzanegan, Mohammad Reza; Mennel, Tim
2012 Does the Iranian oil supply matter for the oil prices?Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza
2013 Natural-Resource Rents and Internal Conflicts - Can Decentralization Lift the Curse?Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza; Lessmann, Christian; Markwardt, Gunther
2014 Political institutions and government spending behavior in IranDizaji, Sajjad Faraji; Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza
2014 Resource rents, power, and political stabilityBjorvatn, Kjetil; Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza
2014 Resource Rents, Power, and Political StabilityBjorvatn, Kjetil; Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza
2014 Direct Distribution of Rents and the Resource Curse in Iran: A Micro-econometric AnalysisFarzanegan, Mohammad Reza; Habibpour, Mohammad
2014 Marriage crisis and housing costs: Empirical evidence from provinces of IranFarzanegan, Mohammad Reza; Fereidouni, Hassan Gholipour
2014 Direct distribution of rents and the resource curse in Iran: A micro-econometric analysisFarzanegan, Mohammad Reza; Habibpour, Mohammad
2014 Iranian-oil-free zone and international oil pricesFarzanegan, Mohammad Reza; Parvari, Mozhgan Raeisian
2014 Demographic transition and political stability: Does corruption matter?Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza; Witthuhn, Stefan
2014 Can oil-rich countries encourage entrepreneurship? 'yes', 'no' but not 'perhaps'Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza
2014 Political Institutions and Government Spending Behavior in IranDizaji, Sajjad Faraji; Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza