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1998Supervision and Effort in an Intertemporal Efficiency Wage Model: The Role of the Solow ConditionFaria, João Ricardo
2000The intertemporal substitution model of labor supply in an open economyFaria, João Ricardo; León-Ledesma, Miguel
2000Testing the Balassa-Samuelson effect: Implications for growth and PPPFaria, João Ricardo; León-Ledesma, Miguel
2002Habit formation, work ethics, and technological progressFaria, João Ricardo; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2003Cultural heritage and growthFaria, João Ricardo; León-Ledesma, Miguel
2005Can globalization stop the decline in commodities' terms of trade? The Prebisch-Singer hypothesis revisitedVarella Mollick, André; Faria, João Ricardo; Albuquerque, Pedro H.; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2008China's exports and the oil priceFaria, João Ricardo; Mollick, André Varella; Albuquerque, Pedro H.; León-Ledesma, Miguel A.
2014Two-dimensional effort in patent-race games and rent-seeking contests: The case of telephonyFaria, João Ricardo; Mixon, Franklin G.; Caudill, Steven B.; Wineke, Samantha J.
2016Farmer-entrepreneurs, agricultural innovation, and explosive research and development cyclesFaria, João Ricardo; Mixon, Franklin G.
2016Academic Publication Uncertainty and Publishing Behavior: A Game-Theoretic PerspectiveFaria, João Ricardo; Goel, Rajeev K.
2017Optimal Timing in Rotten Kid FamiliesFaria, João Ricardo; Silva, Emilson C.D.
2019The Green Golden Rule: Habit and anticipation of future consumptionFaria, João Ricardo; McAdam, Peter
2020The refugee game: The relationship between individual security expenditures and collective securityFaria, João Ricardo; Novak, Andreas J.; Bagchi, Aniruddha; Mathews, Timothy
2021Factors facilitating the inventing academics' transition from nascent entrepreneurs to business ownersFaria, João Ricardo; Goel, Rajeev K.; Göktepe-Hultén, Devrim
2021The path of terror attacksFaria, João Ricardo; Arce M., Daniel G.
2021Serial sovereign default: The role of shocks and fiscal habitsFaria, João Ricardo; McAdam, Peter; Orrillo, Jaime
2021Monetary policy, neutrality and the environmentFaria, João Ricardo; McAdam, Peter; Viscolani, Bruno
2022A preface for the special issue "Economics of conflict and terrorism"Faria, João Ricardo; Arce M., Daniel G.
2023The path of economics research production: Insights into the seesaw between theory and empiricsFaria, João Ricardo; Goel, Rajeev K.; Manage, Neela D.