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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009Product market regulation and market work: A benchmark analysisFang, Lei; Rogerson, Richard
2009Entry barriers, competition, and technology adoptionFang, Lei
2010Entry Cost, financial friction, and cross-country differences in income and TFPFang, Lei
2011Impact of the business environment on output and productivity in AfricaBah, El-hadj; Fang, Lei
2012Home production technology and time allocation: Empirics, theory, and implicationsFang, Lei; Zhu, Guozhong
2012Wages and unemployment across business cycles: A high-frequency investigationFang, Lei; Silos, Pedro
2014Home hours in the United States and EuropeFang, Lei; McDaniel, Cara
2014Human capital dynamics and the U.S. labor marketFang, Lei; Nie, Jun
2015Stochastic population analysis: A functional data approachFang, Lei; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2016A mortality model for multi-populations: A semi-parametric approachFang, Lei; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Park, Juhyun
2017Taxes and Market Hours: The Role of Gender and SkillDuval Hernández, Robert; Fang, Lei; Ngai, L. Rachel
2017Taxes and market hours: The role of gender and skillDuval-Hernández, Robert; Fang, Lei; Ngai, Rachel
2018Social subsidies and marketization: The role of gender and skillDuval-Hernández, Robert; Fang, Lei; Ngai, Liwa Rachel
2019High-skilled services and development in ChinaFang, Lei; Herrendorf, Berthold
2020Unemployment insurance during a pandemicFang, Lei; Nie, Jun; Xie, Zoe
2020Bundling time and goods: Implications for hours dispersionFang, Lei; Hannusch, Anne; Silos, Pedro
2021Luxuries, necessities, and the allocation of timeFang, Lei; Hannusch, Anne; Silos, Pedro
2021Consumption and hours between the United States and FranceFang, Lei; Yang, Fang
2021Taxes, subsidies, and gender gaps in hours and wagesDuval-Hernández, Robert; Fang, Lei; Ngai, Liwa Rachel
2022The short and the long of it: Stock-flow matching in the US housing marketSmith, Eric; Xie, Zoe; Fang, Lei