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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 A DSGE model with Endogenous Term StructureFalagiarda, Matteo; Marzo, Massimiliano
2013 Credit, Endogenous Collateral and Risky Assets: A DSGE ModelFalagiarda, Matteo; Saia, Alessandro
2013 Announcements of ECB unconventional programs: Implications for the sovereign risk of ItalyFalagiarda, Matteo; Reitz, Stefan
2014 Fiscal Policy Announcements of Italian Governments and Spread Reaction during the Sovereign Debt CrisisFalagiarda, Matteo; Gregori, Wildmer Daniel
2014 Credit supply dynamics and economic activity in euro area countries: a time-varying parameter VAR analysisBijsterbosch, Martin; Falagiarda, Matteo
2015 The impact of fiscal policy announcements by the Italian government on the sovereign spread: a comparative analysisFalagiarda, Matteo; Gregori, Wildmer Daniel
2015 Spillovers from the ECB's non-standard monetary policies on non-euro area EU countries: evidence from an event-study analysisFalagiarda, Matteo; McQuade, Peter; Tirpák, Marcel
2015 Domestic and multilateral effects of capital controls in emerging marketsBijsterbosch, Martin; Falagiarda, Matteo; Pasricha, Gurnain; Aizenman, Joshua
2015 Domestic and Multilateral Effects of Capital Controls in Emerging MarketsPasricha, Gurnain; Falagiarda, Matteo; Bijsterbosch, Martin; Aizenman, Joshua
2017 Forecasting euro area inflation using targeted predictors: is money coming back?Falagiarda, Matteo; Sousa, João
2018 How repayments manipulate our perceptions about loan dynamics after a boomAdalid, Ramón; Falagiarda, Matteo
2019 Credit rating dynamics: Evidence from a natural experimentAbidi, Nordine; Falagiarda, Matteo; Miquel-Flores, Ixart