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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 The Promise of Workplace Training for Non-College-Bound Youth: Theory and Evidence from German ApprenticeshipClark, Damon; Fahr, René
2001 Disaggregate Matching FunctionsFahr, René; Sunde, Uwe
2001 Strategic Hiring Behavior in Empirical Matching FunctionsFahr, René; Sunde, Uwe
2002 Estimations of Occupational and Regional Matching Efficiencies Using Stochastic Production Frontier ModelsFahr, René; Sunde, Uwe
2002 Employment Status, Endogenous Regional Mobility, and Spatial Dependencies in Labor MarketsFahr, René; Sunde, Uwe
2003 Loafing or Learning? The Demand for Informal EducationFahr, René
2005 Regional dependencies in job creation: an efficiency analysis for Western GermanyFahr, René; Sunde, Uwe
2006 The wage effects of social norms: evidence of deviations from peers' body-mass in EuropeFahr, René
2006 Did the Hartz reforms speed-up job creation? A macro-evaluation using empirical matching functionsFahr, René; Sunde, Uwe
2007 On the inverse relationship between unemployment and absenteeism: evidence from natural experiments and worker heterogeneityFahr, René; Frick, Bernd
2010 Individual determinants of work attendance: Evidence on the role of personalityStörmer, Susi; Fahr, René
2011 Job design and job satisfaction: Empirical evidence for Germany?Fahr, René
2011 When the early bird catches the worm: The impact of training in retailHinerasky, Christiane; Fahr, René
2012 The impact of risk perception and risk attitudes on corrupt behavior: Evidence from a petty corruption experimentFahr, René; Djawadi, Behnud Mir
2013 The impact of tax knowledge and budget spending influence on tax complianceDjawadi, Behnud Mir; Fahr, René
2013 The Impact of Risk Perception and Risk Attitudes on Corrupt Behavior: Evidence from a Petty Corruption ExperimentDjawadi, Behnud Mir; Fahr, René
2014 Can tax rate increases foster investment under entry and exit flexibility? Insights from an economic experimentFahr, René; Janssen, Elmar; Sureth, Caren
2016 Business Ethics in Organizations: An Experimental Examination of Whistleblowing and PersonalityBartuli, Jenny; Djawadi, Behnud Mir; Fahr, René