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2005 The economy on a cusp: The proposed VAT amendments and their larger significandede Dios, Emmanuel S.; Diokno, Benjamin E.; Esguerra, Emmanuel F.; Fabella, Raul V.; Gochoco-Bautista, Maria Socorro; Medalla, Felipe M.; Monsod, Solita C.; Pernia, Ernesto M.; Reside, Renato E.; Sicat, Gerardo P.; Tan, Edita A.
2005 Globally incentives-compatible contracts under weak third party enforcementFabella, Raul V.
2006 What type of monetary and exchange rate cooperation do China's Asian neighbors want from China?Gochoco-Bautista, Maria Socorro; Fabella, Raul V.
2007 Lacking a backbone: The controversy over the 'National broadband network' and cyber-education projectsFabella, Raul V.; de Dios, Emmanuel S.
2008 The Peso appreciation and the sustainability of Philippine growth: Need we worry?Fabella, Raul V.
2010 A multi-level choice theoryFabella, Raul V.
2011 Population, poverty, politics and the reproductive health billPernia, Ernesto M.; Alabastro-Quimbo, Stella; Abrenica, Maria Joy V.; Alonzo, Ruperto P.; Arcenas, Agustin L.; Balisacan, Arsenio M.; Canlas, Dante B.; Capuno, Joseph J.; Clarete, Ramon L.; Danao, Rolando A.; de Dios, Emmanuel S.; dela Paz-Kraft, Aleli; Diokno, Benjamin E.; Esguerra, Emmanuel F.; Fabella, Raul V.; Gochoco-Bautista, Maria Socorro; Ho, Teresa J.; Mapa, Dennis Claire S.; Medalla, Felipe M.; Mendoza, Maria Nimfa F.; Monsod, Solita C.; Monsod, Toby Melissa C.; Natividad-Carlos, Fidelina; Paderanga, Cayetano W.; Sicat, Gerardo P.; Solon, Orville C.; Tan, Edita A.
2012 Signaling and contract cost under weak governance: Water service privatization in Metro-Manila, PhilippinesFabella, Raul V.
2012 The Robust Nash equilibrium and equilibrium selection in 2x2 coordination gamesFabella, Raul V.; Fabella, Vigile Marie B.
2012 Wipeout: Sangley mercantile dominance and persistence in the Spanish colonial period in the PhilippinesFabella, Raul V.
2013 Salience and cooperation among rational egoistsFabella, Raul V.
2013 Incentives Matter: Reflections on the Role of Incentives in Scientific ProductivityFabella, Raul V.
2013 Moral hazard and cooperation in competing teamsFabella, Raul V.
2014 Beyond the remittances-driven economy: Notes as if the long run matteredMedalla, Felipe M.; Fabella, Raul V.; de Dios, Emmanuel S.
2014 The Picketty inequality in the Nash-Bargained social contractFabella, Raul V.
2014 Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP): Time to let goFabella, Raul V.
2015 Differential delivery dates, retrievability and the incentives compatibility of contractsFabella, Raul V.
2015 Re-thinking market failure in the light of the imperfect stateFabella, Raul V.; Fabella, Vigile Marie
2015 N-poly viability and conglopolistic competition in small emerging marketFabella, Raul V.
2015 Helping cost, assortative matching and production cycles in the dynamic humean farmer gameFabella, Raul V.