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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Selling expert knowledge: The role of consultants in Singapore's new economyEvers, Hans-Dieter; Menkhoff, Thomas
2005 Wissen ist Macht: Experten als strategische GruppeEvers, Hans-Dieter
2005 Strategic groups in a knowledge society: Knowledge elites as drivers of biotechnology development in SingaporeMenkhoff, Thomas; Evers, Hans-Dieter
2005 Closing the digital divide: Southeast Asia's path towards a knowledge societyEvers, Hans-Dieter; Gerke, Solvay
2005 Knowledge is power: Experts as a strategic groupEvers, Hans-Dieter; Gerke, Solvay
2005 Social capital and sustainable development: Theories and conceptsBhuiyan, Shahjahan H.; Evers, Hans-Dieter
2006 The strategic importance of the Straits of Malacca for world trade and regional developmentEvers, Hans-Dieter; Gerke, Solvay
2006 Knowledge loss: Managing local knowledge in rural UzbekistanEvers, Hans-Dieter; Wall, Caleb
2007 Knowledge hubs along the Straits of MalaccaEvers, Hans-Dieter; Hornidge, Anna-Katharina
2007 Riau vegetables for Singapore consumers: A collaborative knowledge transfer project across the Straits of MalaccaMenkhoff, Thomas; Loh, Patrick H. M.; Bin, Chua Sin; Evers, Hans-Dieter; Chay, Yue Wah
2007 Solar PV rural electrification and energy poverty assessment in Ghana: A principal component analysisObeng, G. Y.; Evers, Hans-Dieter; Akuffo,F. O.; Braimah, I.; Brew-Hammond, A.
2007 Social and cultural dimensions of market expansionEvers, Hans-Dieter; Gerke, Solvay
2008 Knowledge hubs and knowledge clusters: Designing a knowledge architecture for developmentEvers, Hans-Dieter
2009 Strategic group formation in the Mekong Delta: The development of a modern hydraulic societyEvers, Hans-Dieter; Benedikter, Simon
2009 Constructing epistemic landscapes: Methods of GIS-based mappingEvers, Hans-Dieter; Genschick, Sven; Schraven, Benjamin
2009 Emerging epistemic landscapes: Knowledge clusters in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong DeltaEvers, Hans-Dieter; Bauer, Tatjana
2009 Solar PV rural electrification and energy poverty: A review and conceptual framework with reference to GhanaObeng, George Yaw; Evers, Hans-Dieter
2009 Strategic group analysisEvers, Hans-Dieter; Gerke, Solvay
2010 Knowledge cluster formation in Peninsular Malaysia: The emergence of an epistemic landscapeEvers, Hans-Dieter; Nordin, Ramli; Nienkemper, Pamela
2011 Farmers as knowledge brokers: Analysing three cases from Vietnam's Mekong DeltaNguyen, Quy-Hanh; Evers, Hans-Dieter