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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Female Labour Supply, Flexibility of Working Hours, and Job Mobility in the NetherlandsEuwals, Rob
2000 The Remuneration of British AcademicsEuwals, Rob; Ward, Melanie E.
2000 Do Mandatory Pensions Decrease Household Savings? Evidence for the NetherlandsEuwals, Rob
2000 The Saving Behaviour of Two Person Households: Evidence from Dutch Panel DataEuwals, Rob; Börsch-Supan, Axel; Eymann, Angelika
2001 Why Do Firms Train? Empirical Evidence on the First Labour Market Outcomes of Graduated ApprenticesEuwals, Rob; Winkelmann, Rainer
2001 Participation Behavior of East German Women after German UnificationBonin, Holger; Euwals, Rob
2001 The Predictive Value of Subjective Labour Supply Data: A Dynamic Panel Data Model with Measurement ErrorEuwals, Rob
2003 Training intensity and first labor market outcomes of apprenticeship graduatesEuwals, Rob; Winkelmann, Rainer
2003 A Note on the Redistributive Effect of ImmigrationEuwals, Rob; Roodenburg, Hans
2004 Explaining the Growth of Part-Time Employment : Factors of Supply and DemandHogerbrugge, Maurice; Euwals, Rob
2006 Evaluation of a tax reform: a model with measurement errorEuwals, Rob
2006 Early retirement behaviour in the Netherlands: evidence from a policy reformEuwals, Rob; van Vuuren, Daniel
2006 Early Retirement Behaviour in the Netherlands: Evidence from a Policy ReformEuwals, Rob; van Vuuren, Daniel J.; Wolthoff, Ronald P.
2007 Immigration, integration and the labour market: Turkish immigrants in Germany and the NetherlandsEuwals, Rob; Dagevos, Jaco; Gijsberts, Mérove; Roodenburg, Hans
2007 The trend in female labour force participation: what can be expected for the future?Euwals, Rob; Knoef, Marike; van Vuuren, Daniel
2007 The labour market position of Turkish immigrants in Germany and the Netherlands: reason for migration, naturalisation and language proficiencyEuwals, Rob; Dagevos, Jaco; Gijsberts, Mérove; Roodenburg, Hans
2008 Is part-time employment here to stay? Evidence from the Dutch labour force survey 1992 - 2005Bosch, Nicole; Deelen, Anja; Euwals, Rob
2010 Private wealth and planned early retirement: A panel data analysis for the Netherlands, 1994 - 2009van Ooijen, Raun; Mastrogiacomo, Mauro; Euwals, Rob
2011 Migrant women on the labour market: On the role of home- and host-country participationKok, Suzanne; Bosch, Nicole; Deelen, Anja; Euwals, Rob
2011 The decline of early retirement pathways in the Netherlands: An empirical analysis for the health care sectorEuwals, Rob; van Vuren, Annemiek; van Vuuren, Daniel