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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 The Rome Treaty at 50: More honoured in the breach than in the observance?Erixon, Fredrik; Freytag, Andreas; Pehnelt, Gernot
2007 Germany and the G-8 presidencyErixon, Fredrik; Freytag, Andreas
2008 An EU-China trade dialogue: A new policy framework to contain deteriorating trade relationsDreyer, Iana; Erixon, Fredrik
2008 The health of nations: Conceptualizing approaches to trade in health careDavis, Lucy; Erixon, Fredrik
2008 Europe's energy dependency and Russia's commercial assertivenessErixon, Fredrik
2008 From Twin Towers to Fawlty Towers: The story of the Doha RoundErixon, Fredrik
2008 The Baltic tiger: The political economy of Estonia's transition from plan to marketErixon, Fredrik
2008 Globalization, earnings and consumer prices: Taking stock of the benefits from global economic integrationErixon, Fredrik
2008 Sweden: From free trade to protectionism?Davis, Lucy; Erixon, Fredrik
2009 Protectionism online: Internet censorship and international trade lawErixon, Fredrik; Hindley, Brian; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk
2009 A new trade agenda for transatlantic economic cooperationErixon, Fredrik; Pehnelt, Gernot
2009 Containing creeping protectionism: A realist agenda for the G20Erixon, Fredrik
2009 Green protectionism in the European Union: How Europe's biofuels policy and the renewable energy directive violate WTO commitmentsErixon, Fredrik; Abbott, Roderick
2009 The dynamics of structural change: the European Union's trade with ChinaDettmer, Bianka; Erixon, Fredrik; Freytag, Andreas; Legault Tremblay, Pierre-Olivier
2010 Trade, globalisation and emerging protectionism since the crisisErixon, Fredrik; Sally, Razeen
2010 Baltic economic reforms: A crisis review of baltic economic policyErixon, Fredrik
2010 The quest for gas market competition fighting Europe's dependency on Russian gas more effectivelyDreyer, Iana; Erixon, Fredrik; Winkler, Robin
2010 Beyond geopolitics: The case for a free trade accord between Europe and TaiwanDreyer, Iana; Erixon, Fredrik; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk; Sally, Razeen
2010 A transatlantic zero agreement: Estimating the gains from transatlantic free trade in goodsErixon, Fredrik; Bauer, Matthias
2010 Vested and invested interests: The role of investment protection in EU-Russia relationsErixon, Fredrik; Dreyer, Iana