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2007Rezensionen / Book ReviewsSchratzenstaller, Margit; Eicker-Wolf, Kai; Niechoj, Torsten; Elsner, Wolfram; Hein, Eckhard
2009Book Reviews / RezensionenTruger, Achim; Krämer, Hagen; Hein, Eckhard; King, John E.; Elsner, Wolfram; Hein, Eckhard; Berghuber, Bernd
2010Assessing economic research and the future of heterodox economics. Failures and alternatives of journals, departments, and scholars rankingsElsner, Wolfram; Lee, Fred
2011Evolutionary Institutionalism. Sources, history and contemporary relevance of The Association for Evolutionary Economics - AFEEElsner, Wolfram
2012Governance in der StaatsschuldenkriseHöpner, Martin; Rödl, Florian; Heise, Arne; Ahrens, Joachim; Ebner, Alexander; Elsner, Wolfram
2013State and future of the 'citadel' and of the heterodoxies in economics: challenges and dangers, convergences and cooperationElsner, Wolfram
2014Special issue: Aspects of game theory and institutional economics. EditorialElsner, Wolfram; Heinrich, Torsten; Schwardt, Henning; Gräbner, Claudius
2015Declining trust in growing China: A dilemma between growth and socio-economic damageDai, Shuanping; Elsner, Wolfram
2017Policy and State in Complexity EconomicsElsner, Wolfram
2017Trust and Social Control. Sources of cooperation, performance, and stability in informal value transfer systemsGräbner, Claudius; Elsner, Wolfram; Lascaux, Alexander
2017To trust or to control: Informal value transfer systems and computational analysis in institutional economicsGräbner, Claudius; Elsner, Wolfram; Lascaux, Alex
2020The Review of Evolutionary Political Economy inaugural issue, part 2Cincotti, Silvano; Elsner, Wolfram; Lazaric, Nathalie; Nesvetailova, Anastasia; Stockhammer, Engelbert
2020Towards an evolutionary political economy. Editorial to the inaugural issue of the Review of Evolutionary Political Economy REPECincotti, Silvano; Elsner, Wolfram; Lazaric, Nathalie; Nesvetailova, Anastasia; Stockhammer, Engelbert
2020Editorial REPE Vol. I 2020, Issue 3Elsner, Wolfram
2021The collapse of cooperation: the endogeneity of institutional break-up and its asymmetry with emergenceCordes, Christian; Elsner, Wolfram; Graebner, Claudius; Heinrich, Torsten; Henkel, Joshua; Schwardt, Henning; Schwesinger, Georg; Su, Tong-Yaa
2021EditorialElsner, Wolfram