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1998Empirical analysis of credit relationships in small firms financing: Sampling design and descriptive statisticsElsas, Ralf; Henke, Sabine; Machauer, Achim; Rott, Roland; Schenk, Gerald
1998Is relationship lending special? Evidence from credit-file data in GermanyElsas, Ralf; Krahnen, Jan Pieter
2000Collateral, default risk, and relationship lending: An empirical study on financial contractingElsas, Ralf; Krahnen, Jan Pieter
2002Collateral, relationship lending and financial distress: An empirical study on financial contractingElsas, Ralf; Krahnen, Jan Pieter
2003Universal Banks and Relationships with FirmsElsas, Ralf; Krahnen, Jan Pieter
2004Multiple but asymmetric bank financing : the case of relationship lendingElsas, Ralf; Heinemann, Frank; Tyrell, Marcel
2004Preemptive distress resolution through bank mergersElsas, Ralf
2004Multiple but Asymmetric Bank Financing: The Case of Relationship LendingElsas, Ralf; Heinemann, Frank; Tyrell, Marcel
2006The Anatomy of Bank DiversificationElsas, Ralf; Hackethal, Andreas; Holzhaeuser, Markus
2008Empirical Capital Structure Research: New Ideas, Recent Evidence, and Methodological IssuesElsas, Ralf; Florysiak, David
2008Universal Banks, Corporate Control, and Equity Carve-Outs in GermanyElsas, Ralf; Löffler, Yvonne
2009Do S&P's Corporate Ratings Reflect Credit Shocks?Elsas, Ralf; Mielert, Sabine
2009Default Risk and Equity Returns: A Comparison of the Bank-Based German and the U.S. Financial SystemBreig, Christoph; Elsas, Ralf
2010Ist eine europäische Ratingagentur sinnvoll, und wie sollte sie organisiert sein?Harbrecht, Erich; Wieland, Martin; Elsas, Ralf; Schneck, Ottmar
2016How and when do firms adjust their investments toward targets?Klepsch, Catharina; Elsas, Ralf