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1976 A Micro-Macro Interactive Simulation Model of the Swedish Economy: Preliminary Model SpecificationEliasson, Gunnar; Olavi, Gösta; Heiman, Mats
1979 Experiments with Fiscal Policy Parameters on a Micro-to-Macro Model of the Swedish EconomyEliasson, Gunnar
1981 Sweden – Choosing the 80’sEliasson, Gunnar
1981 Picking Winners or Bailing Out Losers? A Study of the Swedish State Holding Company and its Role in the New Swedish Industrial PolicyEliasson, Gunnar; Ysander, Bengt-Christer
1982 Electronics, Economic Growth and Employment – Revolution or EvolutionEliasson, Gunnar
1982 On the Optimal Rate of Structural AdjustmentEliasson, Gunnar
1983 The Micro (Firm) Foundations of Industrial PolicyEliasson, Gunnar
1983 De utlandsetablerade företagen och den svenska ekonominEliasson, Gunnar
1983 Norway in a Scandinavian perspective: What Would Have Happened without Oil?Eliasson, Gunnar
1983 The Swedish Micro-to-Macro Model: Idea, Design and ApplicationEliasson, Gunnar
1983 Micro Heterogeneity of Firms and the Stability of Industrial GrowthEliasson, Gunnar
1984 The Firm and Financial Markets in the Swedish Micro-to-Macro Model (MOSES): Theory, Model and VerificationEliasson, Gunnar
1984 Organisation och styrsystem i ett modernt storföretagEliasson, Gunnar
1985 Is the Swedish Welfare State in Trouble? A New Policy ModelEliasson, Gunnar
1985 Information Technology, Capital Structure and the Nature of Technical ChangeEliasson, Gunnar
1985 Dynamic Micro-Macro Market Coordination and Technical ChangeEliasson, Gunnar
1985 Theory Construction and Economic Measurement at Different Levels of Aggregation: Parallel Theories and Data on Families and FirmsEliasson, Gunnar
1985 The Stability of Economic Organizational Forms and the Importance of Human CapitalEliasson, Gunnar
1986 Industrial Targeting: Defensive or Offensive Strategies in a Neo-Schumpeterian PerspectiveEliasson, Gunnar
1986 Schumpeterian Innovation, Market Structure and the Stability of Industrial DevelopmentEliasson, Gunnar