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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Lost jobs, broken marriagesEliason, Marcus
2004 The echo of job displacementEliason, Marcus; Storrie, Donald
2007 Living to Save TaxesEliason, Marcus; Ohlsson, Henry
2010 Timing of death and the repeal of the Swedish inheritance taxEliason, Marcus; Ohlsson, Henry
2011 Assistant and auxiliary nurses in crisis times: Earnings and employment following public sector job loss in the 1990sEliason, Marcus
2014 The differential earnings and income effects of involuntary job loss on workers with disabilitiesAngelov, Nikolay; Eliason, Marcus
2014 Factors associated with occupational disability classificationAngelov, Nikolay; Eliason, Marcus
2014 The effects of targeted labour market programs for job seekers with occupational disabilitiesAngelov, Nikolay; Eliason, Marcus
2015 Alcohol-related morbidity and mortality following involuntary job lossEliason, Marcus
2017 The causal impact of social connections on firms' outcomesEliason, Marcus; Hensvik, Lena; Kramarz, Francis; Nordström Skans, Oskar
2018 Forward-looking moral hazard in social insurance: Evidence from a natural experimentEliason, Marcus; Johansson, Per-Olov; Nilsson, Martin
2018 Wage subsidies targeted to jobseekers with disabilities: Subsequent employment and disability retirementAngelov, Nikolay; Eliason, Marcus
2019 Social Connections and the Sorting of Workers to FirmsEliason, Marcus; Hensvik, Lena; Kramarz, Francis; Nordström Skans, Oskar