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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Welfare in Village and Towns: Micro-Measurement of Poverty and InequalityElbers, Chris; Lanjouw, Jean
2002 Convergence, Shocks and PovertyElbers, Chris; Gunning, Jan Willem; Kinsey, Bill
2002 Growth Regression and Economic TheoryElbers, Chris; Gunning, Jan Willem
2002 Producing an improved geographic profile of poverty: Methodology and evidence from three developing countriesDemombynes, Gabriel; Elbers, Chris; Lanjouw, Jenny; Lanjouw, Peter; Mistiaen, Johan; Özler,Berk
2003 Vulnerability in a Stochastic Dynamic ModelElbers, Chris; Gunning, Jan Willem
2003 Growth and Risk: Methodology and Micro EvidenceElbers, Chris; Gunning, Jan Willem; Kinsey, Bill
2003 Are neighbours equal? Estimating local inequality in three developing countriesElbers, Chris; Lanjouw, Peter; Mistiaen, Johan; Özler, Berk; Simler, Ken
2007 Insurance and Rural Welfare: What can Panel Data tell us?Elbers, Chris; Gunning, Jan Willem; Pan, Lei
2007 Assessing Budget Support with Statistical Impact Evaluation: a Methodological ProposalElbers, Chris; Gunning, Jan Willem; de Hoop, Kobus
2009 Investment under Risk with Discrete and Continuous AssetsElbers, Chris; Gunning, Jan Willem; Vigh, Melinda
2009 Solving The Discrete-Time Stochastic Ramsey ModelElbers, Chris
2009 Evaluation of Development Policy: Treatment versus Program EffectsElbers, Chris; Gunning, Jan Willem
2012 Evaluation of Development Programs: Using Regressions to assess the Impact of Complex InterventionsElbers, Chris; Gunning, Jan Willem
2012 Effectiveness of Large Scale Water and Sanitation Interventions: the One Million Initiative in MozambiqueElbers, Chris; Godfrey, Samuel; Gunning, Jan Willem; van der Velden, Matteus; Vigh, Melinda
2014 Evaluation of non-governmental development organizationsElbers, Chris; Gunning, Jan Willem
2017 Picking Winners: Measuring the Effectiveness of Selectively Placed Policy InterventionsVigh, Melinda; Elbers, Chris
2019 The distributional impact of structural transformation in rural India: Model-based simulation and case-study evidenceElbers, Chris; Lanjouw, Peter
2019 The complementarity of community-based water and sanitation interventions: evidence from MozambiqueVigh, Melinda; Elbers, Chris; Gunning, Jan Willem