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1995Revealed Factor Abundance and the Factor Content of Trade in Headquarter ServicesEkholm, Karolina
1996High-Technology Subsidies in General Equilibrium: A Sector-Specific ApproachEkholm, Karolina; Torstensson, Johan
1996Swedish Multinational Corporations: Recent Trends in Foreign ActivitiesBraunerhjelm, Pontus; Ekholm, Karolina; Grundberg, Lennart; Karpaty, Patrik
1998Trade and Location with Horizontal and Vertical Multi-Region FirmsEkholm, Karolina; Forslid, Rikard
1999Swedish Multinationals and Competition from High- and Low-Wage LocationsBraconier, Henrik; Ekholm, Karolina
2000The Foreign Operations of Swedish Manufacturing Firms: Evidence from a Survey of Swedish Multinationals 1998Ekholm, Karolina; Hesselman, Marie
2001Locating foreign affiliates in Germany: The case of Swedish MNEsBraconier, Henrik; Ekholm, Karolina
2001Does FDI Work as a Channel for R&D Spillovers? Evidence Based on Swedish DataBraconier, Henrik; Ekholm, Karolina; Midelfart Knarvik, Karen Helene
2003Location of R&D and high-tech production by vertically integrated multinationalsEkholm, Karolina; Hakkala, Katariina
2004Location of R&D and High-Tech Production by Vertically Integrated MultinationalsEkholm, Karolina; Hakkala, Katariina
2004Location Choice and Employment Decisions: A Comparison of German and Swedish MultinationalsMuendler, Marc-Andreas; Jäckle, Robert; Ekholm, Karolina; Becker, Sascha O.
2005Location choice and employment decisions : a comparison of German and Swedish multinationalsBecker, Sascha; Ekholm, Karolina; Jaeckle, Robert; Muendler, Marc-Andreas
2005Location choice and employment decisions: a comparison of German and Swedish multinationalsBecker, Sascha O.; Ekholm, Karolina; Jäckle, Robert; Mündler, Marc-Andreas
2005Location Choice and Employment Decisions: A Comparison of German and Swedish MultinationalsBecker, Sascha O.; Ekholm, Karolina; Jäckle, Robert; Muendler, Marc-Andreas
2005The Effect of Offshoring on Labor Demand: Evidence from SwedenEkholm, Karolina; Hakkala, Katariina
2009Offshoring and the onshore composition of tasks and skillsBecker, Sascha O.; Ekholm, Karolina; Muendler, Marc-Andreas
2022Sweden's COVID-19 Recession: How Foreign and Domestic Infections Struck against Firms and WorkersAkerman, Anders; Ekholm, Karolina; Persson, Torsten; Nordström Skans, Oskar