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1999 The informativeness of stochastic frontier and programming frontier efficiency scores: Cost efficiency and other measures of bank holding company performanceEisenbeis, Robert A.; Ferrier, Gary D.; Kwan, Simon H.
1999 Financial regulatory structure and the resolution of conflicting goalsWall, Larry D.; Eisenbeis, Robert A.
2002 The major supervisory initiatives post-FDICIA: Are they based on the goals of PCA? Should they be?Eisenbeis, Robert A.; Wall, Larry D.
2004 Agency problems and goal conflictsEisenbeis, Robert A.
2004 Resolving large financial intermediaries: banks versus housing enterprisesEisenbeis, Robert A.; Frame, W. Scott; Wall, Larry D.
2006 Transparency, expectations, and forecastsBauer, Andrew; Eisenbeis, Robert A.; Waggoner, Daniel F.; Zha, Tao
2006 Home country versus cross-border negative externalities in barge banking organization failures and how to avoid themEisenbeis, Robert A.
2006 An analysis of the systemic risks posed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and an evaluation of the policy options for reducing those risksEisenbeis, Robert A.; Frame, W. Scott; Wall, Larry D.
2007 Cross-border banking: Challenges for deposit insurance and financial stability in the European UnionEisenbeis, Robert A.; Kaufman, George G.
2009 Multinational Banking and Regulatory Challenges: Lessons from the US Experience with AIGEisenbeis, Robert A.
2009 The Failure of Northern Rock: A multi-dimensional Case StudyCongdon, Tim; Goodhart, Charles A.E.; Eisenbeis, Robert A.; Kaufman, George G.; Hamalainen, Paul; Lastra, Rosa M.; Llewellyn, David T.; Mayes, David G.; Wood, Geoffrey; Milne, Alastair; Onado, Marco; Taylor, Michael
2010 Resolving troubled systemically important cross-border financial institutions: Is a new corporate organizational form required?Cumming, Christine; Eisenbeis, Robert A.