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2013Fire-sale spillovers and systemic riskDuarte, Fernando; Eisenbach, Thomas M.
2013Up close it feels dangerous: 'anxiety' in the face of riskEisenbach, Thomas M.; Schmalz, Martin C.
2013Rollover risk as market discipline: A two-sided inefficiencyEisenbach, Thomas M.
2014Asset pricing with horizon-dependent risk aversionAndries, Marianne; Eisenbach, Thomas M.; Schmalz, Martin C.
2015Anxiety, overconfidence, and excessive risk takingEisenbach, Thomas M.; Schmalz, Martin C.
2015Watering a lemon tree: Heterogeneous risk taking and monetary policy transmissionChoi, Dong Beom; Eisenbach, Thomas M.; Yorulmazer, Tanju
2016The economics of bank supervisionEisenbach, Thomas M.; Lucca, David O.; Townsend, Robert M.
2018Bank-intermediated arbitrageBoyarchenko, Nina; Eisenbach, Thomas M.; Gupta, Pooja; Shachar, Or; Van Tassel, Peter
2018Cournot fire salesEisenbach, Thomas M.; Phelan, Gregory
2021Cyber risk and the U.S. financial system: A pre-mortem analysisEisenbach, Thomas M.; Kovner, Anna; Lee, Michael Junho
2022Fragility of safe asset marketsEisenbach, Thomas M.; Phelan, Gregory
2022When it rains, it pours: Cyber risk and financial conditionsEisenbach, Thomas M.; Kovner, Anna; Lee, Michael Junho
2023Runs and flights to safety: Are stablecoins the new money market funds?Anadu, Kenechukwu; Azar, Pablo D.; Cipriani, Marco; Eisenbach, Thomas M.; Huang, Catherine; Landoni, Mattia; La Spada, Gabriele; Macchiavelli, Marco; Malfroy-Camine, Antoine; Wang, J. Christina