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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 The inefficiency of private adaptation to pollution in the presence of endogeneous market structureEisenack, Klaus
2011 Adaptation financing as part of a global climate agreement: Is the adaptation levy appropriate?Eisenack, Klaus
2012 Overcoming barriers to urban adaptation through international cooperation? Modes and design properties under the UNFCCCOberlack, Christoph; Eisenack, Klaus
2012 Unilateral emission reductions can lead to Pareto improvements when adaptation to damages is possibleEisenack, Klaus; Kähler, Leonhard
2013 The impact of heat waves on electricity spot marketsPechan, Anna; Eisenack, Klaus
2015 Contributions to the institutional economics of the energy transitionsEisenack, Klaus; Minnemann, Julien; Neetzow, Paul; Reutter, Felix
2015 International environmental agreements with asymmetric countries: Climate clubs vs. global cooperationHagen, Achim; Eisenack, Klaus
2015 Spatial incidence of large-scale power plant curtailment costsSteinhäuser, J. Micha; Eisenack, Klaus
2016 Strategic Complements in International Environmental Agreements: a New Island of StabilityKähler, Leonhard; Eisenack, Klaus
2016 Transnational environmental agreements with heterogeneous actorsHagen, Achim; Kähler, Leonhard; Eisenack, Klaus
2017 Designing long-lived investments under uncertain and ongoing changeEisenack, Klaus; Paschen, Marius
2018 Electricity storage and transmission: Complements or substitutes?Neetzow, Paul; Pechan, Anna; Eisenack, Klaus
2018 Peak-load pricing with different types of dispatchabilityEisenack, Klaus; Mier, Mathias
2020 Buy coal, cap gas! Markets for fossil fuel deposits when fuel emission intensities differVogt, Angelika; Hagen, Achim; Eisenack, Klaus