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2011Shifted labor market risks? The changing economic consequences of job loss in the United States and West GermanyEhlert, Martin
2015Couples' Strategies after Job Loss in West Germany and the United States – The Added Worker Effect and Linked Life CoursesEhlert, Martin
2016The Impact of Losing Your Job: Unemployment and Influences from Market, Family, and State on Economic Well-Being in the US and GermanyEhlert, Martin
2017Who Benefits from Training Courses in Germany? Monetary Returns to Non-formal Further Education on a Segmented Labour MarketEhlert, Martin
2017The Berliner-Studienberechtigten-Panel (Best Up): Methodological and data reportEhlert, Martin; Peter, Frauke; Finger, Claudia; Rusconi, Alessandra; Solga, Heike; Spieß, Christa Katharina; Zambre, Vaishali
2017Applying to college: Do information deficits lower the likelihood of college-eligible students from less-privileged families to pursue their college intentions?: Evidence from a field experimentEhlert, Martin; Finger, Claudia; Rusconi, Alessandra; Solga, Heike
2018Weiterbilden und Weiterkommen? Non-formale berufliche Weiterbildung und Arbeitsmarktmobilität in DeutschlandEbner, Christian; Ehlert, Martin
2020No Future, No Training? Explaining Cross-national Variation in the Effect of Job Tasks On Training ParticipationEhlert, Martin
2020Weiterbildung in der Krise? Herausforderungen und Chancen für das lebenslange Lernen durch COVID-19Ehlert, Martin; Hornberg, Carla; Scholl, Felix
2020Gender differences in the choice of field of study and the relevance of income information. Insights from a field experimentFinger, Claudia; Solga, Heike; Ehlert, Martin; Rusconi, Alessandra
2021WeiterbildungEhlert, Martin
2021Work-related online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic in GermanyKleinert, Corinna; Zoch, Gundula; Vicari, Basha; Ehlert, Martin
2021Improving Formal Qualifications or Firm Linkages-What Supports Successful School-to-Work Transitions among Low-Achieving School Leavers in Germany?Holtmann, Anne Christine; Ehlert, Martin; Menze, Laura; Solga, Heike