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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 A Note on Labor Productivity and Foreign Inward Direct InvestmentEgger, Peter; Pfaffermayr, Michael
1999 A Note on the Proper Econometric Specification of the Gravity EquationEgger, Peter
2000 Economic Integration in Trade and FDI. Dynamic Considerations of Potentials and AdjustmentEgger, Peter
2000 On the Problem of Endogenous Unobserved Effects in the Estimation of Gravity ModelsEgger, Peter
2000 European Exports and Outward Foreign Direct Investment. A Dynamic Panel Data ApproachEgger, Peter
2000 Outsourcing and skill-specific employment in a small economy: Austria and the fall of the Iron CurtainEgger, Hartmut; Egger, Peter
2000 Trade, multinational sales, and FDI in a three-factors modelEgger, Peter; Pfaffermayr, Michael
2001 SUR Estimation of Error Components Models With AR(1) Disturbances and Unobserved Endogenous EffectsEgger, Peter
2001 Market Concentration and International OutsourcingEgger, Hartmut; Egger, Peter
2001 International Outsourcing and the Skill-Specific Wage Bill in Eastern EuropeEgger, Peter; Stehrer, Robert
2001 A Tale of Competition between Eastern and Southern Europe (Rerum Concordia Discors)Egger, Peter; Kratena, Kurt
2001 Transportation Costs in a Multilateral World. Assessing the Poolability of Gravity DataEgger, Peter
2001 Distance, Trade and FDI: A Hausman-Taylor SUR ApproachEgger, Peter; Pfaffermayr, Michael
2001 Market Power, Multinationality and Intra-EU Industry Exports in the 1990sEgger, Peter
2001 European Integration in Trade and FDI: A Dynamic PerspectiveEgger, Peter
2001 An Econometric View on the Estimation of Gravity Models and the Calculation of Trade PotentialsEgger, Peter
2001 The Impact of Agenda 2000's Structural Policy Reform on FDI in the EUBreuss, Fritz; Egger, Peter; Pfaffermayr, Michael
2001 International Outsourcing and the Productivity of Low-skilled Labour in the EUEgger, Hartmut; Egger, Peter
2002 Structural Policy Reform and the Distribution of FDI in EuropeBreuss, Fritz; Egger, Peter; Pfaffermayr, Michael
2003 Structural Funds, EU Enlargement, and the Redistribution of FDI in EuropeBreuss, Fritz; Egger, Peter; Pfaffermayr, Michael