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2002Kommer IKT-revolutionen även att lyfta Euopas ekonomier?Edquist, Harald; Henrekson, Magnus
2004Technological breakthroughs and productivity growthEdquist, Harald; Henrekson, Magnus
2004The Swedish ICT miracle: Myth or realityEdquist, Harald
2005Do hedonic price indexes change history? The case of electrificationEdquist, Harald
2006Technological Breakthroughs and Productivity GrowthHenrekson, Magnus; Edquist, Harald
2007Parallel Development? Productivity Growth Following Electrification and the ICT RevolutionEdquist, Harald
2008Does Hedonic Price Indexing Change Our Interpretation of Economic History? Evidence from Swedish ElectrificationEdquist, Harald
2009How Much does Sweden Invest in Intangible Assets?Edquist, Harald
2009Can Investment in Intangibles Explain the Swedish Productivity Boom in the 1990s?Edquist, Harald
2011Intangible Investment and the Swedish Manufacturing and Service Sector ParadoxEdquist, Harald
2013Product market reforms and incentives to innovate in SwedenEdquist, Harald; Henrekson, Magnus
2015How important are ICT and R&D investments for value added in the Swedish business sector?Edquist, Harald; Henrekson, Magnus
2016Do R&D and ICT affect total factor productivity growth differently?Edquist, Harald; Henrekson, Magnus
2020The economic impact of streaming beyond GDPEdquist, Harald; Goodridge, Peter; Haskel, Jonathan
2021The Economic Impact of Mobile Broadband SpeedEdquist, Harald
2022How is mobile broadband intensity affecting CO2 emissions? – A macro analysisEdquist, Harald; Bergmark, Pernilla
2023How important is mobile broadband latency for total factor productivity growth?Edquist, Harald