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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008Competition-oriented Wage Policy and Its Effects on Aggregate Demand in the NetherlandsEderer, Stefan
2008Book Reviews / RezensionenSpahn, Peter; van Treeck, Till; Berghuber, Bernd; Niechoj, Torsten; Scherrer, Christoph; Ederer, Stefan; Menz, Jan-Oliver; Vogel, Lena
2010Employment, Inflation and Income Distribution in an Open Economy. Pricing-to-market in a Modified NAIRU ModelEderer, Stefan
2012Reconciling the short and the long run: governance reforms to solve the crisis and beyondAiginger, Karl; Cramme, Olaf; Ederer, Stefan; Liddle, Roger; Thillaye, Renaud
2012The euro crisis and the responses to it: Missing the point?Ederer, Stefan
2012Editorial to the Special IssueEderer, Stefan; Hein, Eckhard; Niechoj, Torsten
2013Macroeconomic Imbalances in the EUEderer, Stefan; Reschenhofer, Peter
2013Analyse der österreichischen HandelsbilanzEderer, Stefan; Schiman, Stefan
2013The role of fundamentals and financialisation in recent commodity price developments: An empirical analysis for wheat, coffee, cotton, and oilEderer, Stefan; Heumesser, Christine; Staritz, Cornelia
2013Remapping EMU: On the future construction of economic and monetary unionEderer, Stefan; Weingärtner, Stefan
2014A global value chain analysis of macroeconomic imbalances in EuropeEderer, Stefan; Reschenhofer, Peter
2014Structural disparities in carbon dioxide consumption and trade in the world economyEderer, Stefan; Weingärtner, Stefan
2014Macroeconomic Imbalances and Structural Change in the EMUEderer, Stefan; Reschenhofer, Peter
2014Structural Disparities in Carbon Dioxide Consumption and Trade in the World EconomyEderer, Stefan; Weingärtner, Stefan
2015Macroeconomic imbalances and institutional reforms in the EMUEderer, Stefan
2016Editorial to the special forum: Making the euro area work: proposals for monetary and fiscal reformEderer, Stefan; Niechoj, Torsten
2016Growth patterns and trade imbalances in the EMU: A global value chain analysisEderer, Stefan; Reschenhofer, Peter
2017Will wealth become more concentrated in Europe? Evidence from a calibrated neo-Kaleckian modelEderer, Stefan; Rehm, Miriam
2018Making sense of Piketty's "fundamental laws" in a Post-Keynesian framework: The transitional dynamics of wealth inequalityEderer, Stefan; Rehm, Miriam
2019Wealth inequality and aggregate demandEderer, Stefan; Rehm, Miriam