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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1993 Equilibrium term structure relations of risky assets in incomplete marketsEckwert, Bernhard
1993 Asset pricing with cognitive dissonanceDrees, Burkhard; Eckwert, Bernhard
1996 The equilibrium risk premium on the forward market for foreign currencyBroll, Udo; Eckwert, Bernhard
2003 The Effect of Better Information on Income InequalityEckwert, Bernhard; Zilcha, Itzhak
2003 Transparency in the foreign exchange market and the volume of international tradeBroll, Udo; Eckwert, Bernhard
2004 Transparency in the Interbank Market and the Volume of Bank Intermediated LoansBroll, Udo; Eckwert, Bernhard
2007 The Competitive Firm Under Price Uncertainty: The Role of Information and HedgingBroll, Udo; Eckwert, Bernhard
2008 Private investment in higher education: comparing alternative funding schemesEckwert, Bernhard; Zilcha, Itzhak
2009 Modelling information and hedging: the exporting firmBroll, Udo; Eckwert, Bernhard
2010 International trade and the role of market transparencyBroll, Udo; Eckwert, Bernhard; Wong, Kit Pong
2011 Competition in funding higher educationEckwert, Bernhard; Zilcha, Itzhak
2011 Information value, export and hedgingBroll, Udo; Eckwert, Bernhard
2011 Transparency in the banking sectorBroll, Udo; Eckwert, Bernhard; Eickhoff, Andreas
2013 Information and output in agricultural markets: The role of market transparencyAhlers, Christian; Broll, Udo; Eckwert, Bernhard
2016 Student Loans: When is Risk Sharing Desirable?Eckwert, Bernhard; Zilcha, Itzhak
2018 The Role of Colleges within the Higher Education SectorEckwert, Bernhard; Zilcha, Itzhak