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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1980Rational Expectations, Inventories and Price FluctuationsAiyagari, Sudhakar R.; Eckstein, Zvi; Eichenbaum, Martin
1981Rational Expectations Modeling of Agricultural SupplyEckstein, Zvi
1982Uncertain Lifetime and the Welfare Enhancing Properties of Annuity Markets and Social SecurityEckstein, Zvi; Eichenbaum, Martin; Peled, Dan
1982Endogenous Fertility in an Overlapping Generations Growth ModelEckstein, Zvi; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
1982Short Run Fluctuations in Fertility and Mortality in Preindustrial SwedenEckstein, Zvi; Schultz, T. Paul; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
1983The Dynamics of Agricultural Supply: A ReconsiderationEckstein, Zvi
1983Fertility Choice in a Growth Model with Land: Malthus ReconsideredEckstein, Zvi; Stern, Steven; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
1983The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve: An Analytic FrameworkEaton, Jonathan; Eckstein, Zvi
1984Two Estimation Methods for a Lifetime Discrete Choice Model under UncertaintyEckstein, Zvi; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
1998Discrimination and Skill Differences in an Equilibrium Search ModelBowlus, Audra J.; Eckstein, Zvi
1998The Absorption of Highly Skilled Immigrants: Israel, 1990 - 1995Weiss, Yoram; Eckstein, Zvi
2002Labor Mobility of Immigrants: Training, Experience, Language and OpportunitiesCohen, Sarit; Eckstein, Zvi
2003On the Wage Growth of Immigrants: Israel, 1990-2000Weiss, Yoram; Eckstein, Zvi
2003From Farmers to Merchants: A Human Capital Interpretation of Jewish Economic HistoryBotticini, Maristella; Eckstein, Zvi
2003Empirical Labor Search: A SurveyEckstein, Zvi; van den Berg, Gerard J.
2004Jewish Occupational Selection : Education, Restrictions, or Minorities?Botticini, Maristella; Eckstein, Zvi
2004Estimating the Return to Training and Occupational Experience : The Case of Female ImmigrantsCohen-Goldner, Sarit; Eckstein, Zvi
2006Job and wage mobility in a search model with non-compliance (exemptions) with the minimum wageEckstein, Zvi; Ge, Suqin; Petrongolo, Barbara
2009Dynamic female labor supplyEckstein, Zvi; Lifshitz, Osnat
2011A decade of editing the European Economic ReviewEckstein, Zvi; Gal-Or, Esther; Gylfason, Thorvaldur; von Hagen, J├╝rgen; Pfann, Gerard