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1994 Urban Labor MarketsEberts, Randall W.
1996 Design of the Worker Profiling and Reemployment Services System and Evaluation in MichiganEberts, Randall W.; O'Leary, Christopher J.
1997 The Use of Profiling to Target Services in State Welfare-to-Work Programs: An Example of Process and ImplementationEberts, Randall W.
1997 Using Administrative Data to Evaluate the Ohio JOBS Student Retention ProgramHollenbeck, Kevin; Kimmel, Jean; Eberts, Randall W.
1999 Examining the Effect of Industry Trends and Structure on Welfare CaseloadsBartik, Timothy J.; Eberts, Randall W.
2001 An Examination of Student Achievement in Michigan Charter SchoolsEberts, Randall W.; Hollenbeck, Kevin
2002 A Frontline Decision Support System for Georgia Career CentersEberts, Randall W.; O'Leary, Christopher J.
2002 The Role of Partnerships in Economic Development and Labor Markets in the United StatesEberts, Randall W.; Erickcek, George A.
2002 Impact of Charter School Attendance on Student Achievement in MichiganEberts, Randall W.; Hollenbeck, Kevin
2003 A new WPRS profiling model for MichiganEberts, Randall W.; O'Leary, Christoper J.
2004 Personal reemployment accounts: Simulations for planning implementationO'Leary, Christopher J.; Eberts, Randall W.
2007 Reemployment and earnings recovery among older unemployment insurance claimantsO'Leary, Christopher J.; Eberts, Randall W.
2009 Methodology for adjusting GPRA Workforce Development Program performance targets for the effects of business cyclesBartik, Timothy J.; Eberts, Randall W.; Huang, Wei-Jang
2009 Employment and training policy in the United States during the economic crisisO'Leary, Christopher J.; Eberts, Randall W.
2013 A methodology for setting state and local regression-adjusted performance targets for workforce investment act programsEberts, Randall W.; Huang, Wei-Jang; Cai, Jing