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2006Cost and Benefits of Implementing Trade Facilitation Measures under Negotiations at the WTO: an Exploratory SurveyDuval, Yann
2006An exploration of the need for and cost of selected trade facilitation measures in Asia-Pacific in the context of the WTO negotiationsDuval, Yann
2007Trade Facilitation beyond the Doha Round of NegotiationsDuval, Yann
2008Trade and investment linkages and policy coordination: Lessons from case studies in Asian developing countriesDuval, Yann
2009Behind the border trade facilitation in Asia-Pacific: Cost of trade, credit information, contract enforcement and regulatory coherenceDuval, Yann; Utoktham, Chorthip
2011Trade facilitation in Asia and the Pacific: Which policies and measures affect trade costs the most?Duval, Yann; Utoktham, Chorthip
2012Trade costs in the developing world: 1995 - 2010Arvis, Jean-Fran├žois; Duval, Yann; Shepherd, Ben; Utoktham, Chorthip
2014Enabling participation of SMEs in international trade and production networks: Trade facilitation, trade finance and communication technologyDuval, Yann; Utoktham, Chorthip
2016Do trade facilitation provisions in regional trade agreements matter? Impact on trade costs and multilateral spilloversDuval, Yann; Neufeld, Nora; Utoktham, Chorthip
2017Sustainable development impact of trade and investment liberalization in Asia and the PacificNarayanan, Badri G.; Duval, Yann; Kravchenko, Alexey; Wadhwa, Deepika
2017Trade and trade facilitation along the Belt and Road Initiative corridorsRamasamy, Bala; Yeung, Matthew; Utoktham, Chorthip; Duval, Yann
2017Digital trade facilitation: Paperless trade in regional trade agreementsDuval, Yann; Mengjing, Kong
2018Impact of implementation of digital trade facilitation on trade costsDuval, Yann; Utoktham, Chorthip; Kravchenko, Alexey
2020Next generation non-tariff measures: Emerging data policies and barriers to digital tradePasadilla, Gloria O.; Duval, Yann; Witada Anukoonwattaka
2021A primer on quantifying the environmental benefits of cross-border paperless trade facilitationDuval, Yann; Hardy, Simon
2022Estimating the effect of trade facilitation implementation on trade misinvoicing-based illicit financial flows and tax revenue in Asia and the PacificKravchenko, Alexey; Duval, Yann
2022Mainstreaming sustainable development in regional trade agreements: Comparative analysis and way forward for RCEPMalingrey, Louise; Duval, Yann
2023Multilateral and regional cooperation on digital trade rules and agreements in Asia-PacificDu, Runqiu; Duval, Yann; Semenova, Maria; Sutthivana, Natnicha