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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 From Public Monopsony to Competitive Market: More Efficiency but Higher PricesDelfgaauw, Josse; Dur, Robert
2003 Producing and Manipulating InformationDur, Robert; Swank, Otto H.
2003 Signaling and Screening of Workers' motivationDelfgaauw, Josse; Dur, Robert
2003 National Interference in Local Public Good ProvisionDur, Robert; Staal, Klaas
2004 Optimal incentive contracts for a worker who envies his bossDur, Robert; Glazer, Amihai
2004 Politicians' motivation, political culture, and electoral competitionBeniers, Klaas J.; Dur, Robert
2004 Incentives and workers' motivation in the public sectorDelfgaauw, Josse; Dur, Robert
2004 Incentives and Workers' Motivation in the Public SectorDelfgaauw, Josse; Dur, Robert
2004 Optimal Incentive Contracts when Workers envy their BossDur, Robert; Glazer, Amihai
2004 The Desire for ImpactDur, Robert; Glazer, Amihai
2004 Politicians' Motivation, Political Culture, and Electoral CompetitionBeniers, Klaas J.; Dur, Robert
2005 Subsidizing Enjoyable EducationDur, Robert; Glazer, Amihai
2006 Status-seeking in criminal subcultures and the double dividend of zero-toleranceDur, Robert
2006 Status-Seeking in Violent Subcultures and the Double Dividend of Zero-ToleranceDur, Robert
2006 Social Exchange and Common Agency in OrganizationsDur, Robert; Roelfsema, Hein
2006 Local Public Good Provision, Municipal Consolidation, and National TransfersDur, Robert; Staal, Klaas
2007 Social exchange and common agency in organizationsDur, Robert; Roelfsema, Hein
2007 Local public good provision, municipal consolidation, and national transfersDur, Robert; Staal, Klaas
2008 Managerial Talent, Motivation, and Self-Selection into Public ManagementDelfgaauw, Josse; Dur, Robert
2008 Incentives and the Sorting of Altruistic Agents into Street-Level BureaucraciesBuurman, Margaretha; Dur, Robert