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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Supply and Demand, Allocation and Wage Inequality: An International ComparisonDupuy, Arnaud; Borghans, Lex
2007 Will the skill-premium in the Netherlands rise in the next decades?Dupuy, Arnaud
2007 Shifts and twists in the relative productivity of skilled laborDupuy, Arnaud; Marey, Philip S.
2007 Educational self-selection, tasks assignment and rising wage inequalityDupuy, Arnaud
2007 International differences in the family gap in pay: the role of labor market institutionsDupuy, Arnaud; Fernández-Kranz, Daniel
2008 The assignment of workers to tasks, wage distribution and technical change: a critical reviewDupuy, Arnaud
2008 A microfoundation for production functions: assignment of heterogenous workers to heterogenous jobsDupuy, Arnaud
2008 The nature of occupational unemployment rates in the United States: hysteresis or structural?Candelon, Bertrand; Dupuy, Arnaud; Gil-Alana, Luis
2009 Estimating employment dynamics across occupations and sectors of industryCörvers, Frank; Dupuy, Arnaud
2009 How large is the compensating wage differential for R&D workers?Dupuy, Arnaud; Smits, Wendy
2010 An economic model of the evolution of the gender performance ratio in individual sportsDupuy, Arnaud
2010 Hierarchical organization and inequality in an economy with an implicit market for productive timeCandelon, Bertrand; Dupuy, Arnaud
2010 Sorting on skills and preferences: Tinbergen meets SattingerDupuy, Arnaud
2011 On input market frictions and estimation of factors demandDupuy, Arnaud; Sorensen, Todd
2012 Personality traits and the marriage marketDupuy, Arnaud; Galichon, Alfred
2012 Canonical correlation and assortative matching: A remarkDupuy, Arnaud; Galichon, Alfred
2013 The assignment of workers to tasks with endogenous supply of skillsDupuy, Arnaud
2014 Entropy Methods for Identifying Hedonic ModelsDupuy, Arnaud; Galichon, Alfred; Henry, Marc
2016 Estimating Matching Affinity Matrix under Low-Rank ConstraintsDupuy, Arnaud; Galichon, Alfred; Sun, Yifei
2017 The Education Motive for Migrant Remittances: Theory and Evidence from IndiaDelpierre, Matthieu; Dupuy, Arnaud; Tenikue, Michel; Verheyden, Bertrand