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2006The role of South Africa in global structural policyDraper, Peter; Wheeler, Tom; Alves, Phil
2007EU-Africa trade relations: The political economy of economic partnership agreementsDraper, Peter
2009Global Financial Crisis, Protectionism and Current Account Deficit: South Africa on the Brink?Freytag, Andreas; Voll, Sebastian; Draper, Peter
2010The role of South African FDI in Southern AfricaDraper, Peter; Kiratu, Sheila; Samuel, Cézanne
2011Sub-Saharan Africa and G20 Responses to the Global Financial Crises: First, do not harmFreytag, Andreas; Draper, Peter; Bauer, Matthias
2012Why should sub-Saharan Africa care about the Doha development round?Draper, Peter; Freytag, Andreas; Al Doyaili, Sarah
2013Check-in, departure and arrival times: Air cargo in Southern Africa?Dettmer, Bianka; Draper, Peter; Freytag, Andreas
2013Why should Sub-Saharan Africa care about the Doha Development Round?Draper, Peter; Freytag, Andreas; Doyaili, Sarah Al
2014Streitpunkt Investitionsschutz: Für und Wider des Investitionsschutzes im TTIP-AbkommenDraper, Peter; Freytag, Andreas; Schorkopf, Frank; Bellak, Christian; Mildner, Stormy-Annika; Sprich, Christoph; Johnson, Elizabeth; Beck, Stefan; Scherrer, Christoph
2014Mega-regional trade agreements: Implications for the African, Caribbean and Pacific countriesDraper, Peter; Lacey, Simon; Ramkolowan, Yash
2016Can rules of origin in sub-Saharan Africa be harmonised? A political economy explorationDraper, Peter; Krogman, Heinrich; Chikura, Cynthia
2016Is a 'Factory Southern Africa' Feasible? Harnessing Flying Geese to the South African GatewayDraper, Peter; Freytag, Andreas; Scholvin, Sören; Tran, Luong Thanh
2018Mitigating the adjustment costs of international tradeAkman, Sait; Brandi, Clara; Dadush, Uri; Draper, Peter; Freytag, Andreas; Kautz, Miriam; Rashish, Peter; Schwarzer, Johannes; Vos, Rob
2021Drivers of inclusive development: An empirical investigationDörffel, Christoph; Draper, Peter; Freytag, Andreas; Schuhmann, Sebastian