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2001Opposites attract: The case of Greek and Turkish financial marketsDrakos, Konstantinos; Kutan, Ali M.
2001Regional effects of terrorism on tourism: Evidence from three Mediterranean countriesDrakos, Konstantinos; Kutan, Ali M.
2009Cross-Country Stock Market Reactions to Major Terror Events: The Role of Risk PerceptionDrakos, Konstantinos
2009The Determinants of Terrorist Shocks' Cross-Market TransmissionDrakos, Konstantinos
2009Big Questions, Little Answers: Terrorism Activity, Investor Sentiment and Stock ReturnsDrakos, Konstantinos
2009Security Economics: A Guide for Data Availability and NeedsDrakos, Konstantinos
2010On the Determinants of Terrorism Risk Concern in EuropeDrakos, Konstantinos; Müller, Cathérine
2010Terrorism Risk Concern in EuropeDrakos, Konstantinos; Müller, Cathérine
2011How Rational Is the Response of Individuals to the Threat of Terrorism in Europe?de Groot, Olaf J.; Drakos, Konstantinos; Müller, Cathérine
2011Terrorism Shocks and Public Spending: Panel VAR Evidence from EuropeDrakos, Konstantinos; Konstantinou, Panagiotis Th.
2011Terrorism Shocks and Stock Market Reaction PatternsKallandranis, Christos; Drakos, Konstantinos
2012Counterterrorism Effectiveness: The Impact on Life and Property LossesKallandranis, Christos; Drakos, Konstantinos; Giannakopoulos, Nicholas
2012Security Economics: A Guide for Data Availability and NeedsKallandranis, Christos; Drakos, Konstantinos
2021The explosion in cryptocurrencies: A black hole analogyBallis, Antonis; Drakos, Konstantinos