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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Re-evaluation of the potential of South Muntenia region for the improvement of the rural development strategiesLascăr, Elena; Drăghici, Manea
2012 The evolution of accommodation capacity of agotourist guesthouses in the period 2005-20011 in the Neamţ County - RomaniaUrsuinu, Nicolae-Gabriel; Drăghici, Manea
2015 The main indicators analysis that characterize the food consumtion evolution in Romania in comparison between the period 2001-2006 and 2007-2014Necula, Raluca; Stoian, Mirela; Drăghici, Manea
2016 The role of the research and development and the number of patents, in the increase of GDP performance in the European Union for the period 2005-2014Necula, Raluca; Stoian, Mirela; Drăghici, Manea; Necula, Diana
2016 Thee touristic and agrotouristic potential of Tulcea county - RomaniaCiobanu, Eugenia-Dorina; Drăghici, Manea
2016 The Convergent Evolution of Romania's Gross Domestic Product in Relation to the Average Macro-Economic Result of the European Union CountriesNecula, Raluca; Stoian, Mirela; Drăghici, Manea
2017 Tourism and agrotourism evolution on an European and national levelCiobanu, Eugenia-Dorina; Drăghici, Manea
2017 Tourism and agrotourism potentail of Vrancea county - RomaniaPetruţa Enache, Antoneta; Drăghici, Manea
2018 Method and program for autocorrelation distribution on influence factorsMerce, Emillian; Drăghici, Manea; Berca, Mihai; Merce, Cristian C.; Necula, Raluca-Alexandra
2018 The main indicators evolution from the fruits and vegetables sectorNecula, Raluca Alexandra; Necula, Diana Maria; Drăghici, Manea; Tudor, Valentina
2019 Comparative study on the use of statistical methods for the distribution of autocorrelation to any influence factorMerce, Cristian; Drăghici, Manea; Merce, Emilian; Necula, Raluca-Alexandra
2020 Trends in the evolution of subsidies per hectar and per livestock unit, by classes of economic dimension of agricultural holdings, in Romania and some European countries, for the period 2007-2018Ilie, Diana Maria; Berevoianu, Rozi; Rădoi, Raluca-Alexandra; Drăghici, Manea