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1989Finance, Innovation and Corporate ChangeDosi, Giovanni
2001Learning in evolutionary environmentsDosi, Giovanni; Marengo, Luigi; Fagiolo, Giogio
2002The economics of system integration: Toward an evolutionary interpretationDosi, Giovanni; Hobday, Mike; Marengo, Luigi; Prencipe, Andrea
2002Technology and the economyDosi, Giovanni; Orsenigo, Luigi; Sylos Labini, Mauro
2002A very reasonable objective still beyond our reach: Economics as an empirically disciplined social scienceDosi, Giovanni
2002The uneasy organizational matching between distribution of knowledge, division of labor and incentive governanceDosi, Giovanni; Levinthal, Daniel; Marengo, Luigi
2002Institutional achitectures and behavioural ecologies in the dynamics of financial markets: A preliminary investigationBottazzi, Giulio; Dosi, Giovanni; Rebesco, Igor
2003Mapping sectoral patterns of technological accumulation into the geography of corporate locations: A simple model and some promising evidenceBottazzi, Giulio; Fagiolo, Giorgio; Dosi, Giovanni
2003A baseline model of industry evolutionWinter, Sidney G.; Kaniovski, Yuri M.; Dosi, Giovanni
2003Local and divergent patterns of technological learning within (partly) globalized markets: Is there anything new? And what can policies do about it? A concise guideDosi, Giovanni; Castaldi, Carolina
2003Exploitation, exploration and innovation in a model of endogenous growth with locally interacting agentsFagiolo, Giorgio; Dosi, Giovanni
2003Organizational capabilities, patterns of knowledge accumulation and governance structures in business firms: An introductionDosi, Giovanni; Faillo, Marco; Marengo, Luigi
2003Invariances and diversities in the evolution of manufacturing industriesBottazzi, Giulio; Cefis, Elena; Dosi, Giovanni; Secchi, Angelo
2003Division of labor, organizational coordination and markt mechanism in collective problem-solvingMarengo, Luigi; Dosi, Giovanni
2004The grip of history and the scope for novelty: Some results and open questions on path dependence in economic processesCastaldi, Carolina; Dosi, Giovanni
2004Towards an evolutionary interpretation of aggregate labor markets regularitiesFagiolo, Giorgio; Dosi, Giovanni; Gabriele, Roberto
2004Technological learning, policy regimes and growth in a "globalized" economy: General patterns and the Latin American experienceCastaldi, Carolina; Cimoli, Mario; Correa, Nelson; Dosi, Giovanni
2005Technology as problem-solving procedures and technology as input-output relations: Some perspectives on the theory of productionDosi, Giovanni; Grazzi, Marco
2005Science-technology-industry links and the "European paradox": Some notes on the dynamics of scientific and technological research in EuropeDosi, Giovanni; Llerena, Patrick; Sylos Labini, Mauro
2005Statistical regularities in the evolution of industries: A guide through some evidence and challenges for the theoryDosi, Giovanni