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1999 Is Ecolabelling a Reliable Environmental Policy Measure?Dosi, Cesare; Moretto, Michele
2000 The timing of adoption of cleaner technologies: Private costs and public incentivesDosi, Cesare; Moretto, Michele
2000 Water scarcity: Institutional change, water markets and privatizationDosi, Cesare; Easter, William K.
2000 Controlling groundwater pollution from agricultural nonpoint sources: An overview of policy instrumentsDosi, Cesare; Zeitouni, Naomi
2001 Global warming and financial umbrellasDosi, Cesare; Moretto, Michele
2004 Environmental Innovation, War of Attrition and Investment GrantsMoretto, Michele; Dosi, Cesare
2005 Concession Length and Investment Timing FlexibilityMoretto, Michele; D.Alpaos, Chiara; Dosi, Cesare
2007 Concession Bidding Rules and Investment Time FlexibilityMoretto, Michele; Dosi, Cesare
2009 Auctioning monopoly franchises: Award criteria and service launch requirementsMoretto, Michele; Dosi, Cesare
2010 Licences, 'use or lose' provisions and the time of investmentDosi, Cesare; Moretto, Michele
2012 Procurement with unenforceable contract time and the law of liquidated damagesDosi, Cesare; Moretto, Michele
2014 Bidding for Conservation Contractsdi Corato, Luca; Dosi, Cesare; Moretto, Michele
2017 Cost Uncertainty and Time Overruns in Public Procurement: a Scoring Auction for a Contract with Delay PenaltiesDosi, Cesare; Moretto, Michele
2018 Termination fees and contract design in public-private partnershipsBuso, Marco; Dosi, Cesare; Moretto, Michele
2019 Balanced-Budget Fiscal Stimuli of Investment and Welfare ValueDosi, Cesare; Moretto, Michele; Tamborini, Roberto
2020 Do Exit Options Increase the Value-For-Money of Public-Private Partnerships?Buso, Marco; Dosi, Cesare; Moretto, Michele