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1998 The effect of local labour market conditions on the decision to migrate among UK graduatesAudas, Rick; Dolton, Peter
2004 School quality and effectivenessChevalier, Arnaud; Dolton, Peter; Levacic, Ros
2004 Recruiting High Quality TeachersDolton, Peter
2010 Employment, inequality and the UK national minimum wage over the medium-termDolton, Peter; Rosazza-Bondibene, Chiara; Wadsworth, Jonathan
2011 The impact of the UK new deal for lone parents on benefit receiptDolton, Peter; Smith, Jeffrey A.
2012 The Spatial Analysis of the Employment Effect of the Minimum Wage: Case of the UK 1999-2010Stops, Michael; Dolton, Peter; Rosazza-Bondibene, Chiara
2012 The administration and impact of a national minimum wage: lessons for GermanyDolton, Peter
2013 "Making it count": Evidence from a Field Experiment on Assessment Rules, Study Incentives and Student PerformanceLuehrmann, Melanie; Chevalier, Arnaud; Dolton, Peter
2014 "Making It Count": Evidence from a Field Study on Assessment Rules, Study Incentives and Student PerformanceChevalier, Arnaud; Dolton, Peter; L├╝hrmann, Melanie
2016 Who Wins? Evaluating the Impact of UK Public Sector Pension Scheme ReformsDanzer, Alexander M.; Dolton, Peter; Rosazza Bondibene, Chiara
2017 Working hours: Past, present, and futureDolton, Peter
2020 Experimental Effects of an Absent Crowd on Performances and Refereeing Decisions during COVID-19Bryson, Alex; Dolton, Peter; Reade, J. James; Schreyer, Dominik; Singleton, Carl