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2010 Optimization of land and resource use at farm-aggregated level in the Aral Sea Basin of Uzbekistan with the integrated model FLEOM - model description and first applicationSommer, Rolf; Djanibekov, Nodir; Salaev, Omonbek
2016 Obstacles to crop diversification and cotton harvest mechanisation: Farm survey evidence from two contrasting districts in UzbekistanPetrick, Martin; Djanibekov, Nodir
2017 The state of doctoral research in Uzbekistan: Results of a survey of doctoral students in agricultural economicsGaniev, Ibragim; Djanibekov, Nodir; Hasanov, Shavkat; Petrick, Martin
2017 The return of the regulator: Kazakhstan’s cotton sector reforms since independencePetrick, Martin; Oshakbayev, Dauren; Taitukova, Regina; Djanibekov, Nodir
2017 The paradox of water management projects in Central Asia: An institutionalist perspectiveChatalova, Lioudmila; Djanibekov, Nodir; Gagalyuk, Taras; Valentinov, Vladislav
2018 Kazakhstan's cotton sector reforms since independenceOshakbayev, Dauren; Taitukova, Regina; Petrick, Martin; Djanibekov, Nodir
2019 Farm restructuring in Uzbekistan: What next?Petrick, Martin; Djanibekov, Nodir
2019 Реструктуризация фермерских хозяйств в Узбекистане: Дальнейшие действияPetrick, Martin; Djanibekov, Nodir
2019 Ўзбекистонда фермер хўжаликлари реструктуризацияси: Истиқболдаги вазифаларPetrick, Martin; Djanibekov, Nodir
2019 Long- and short-term determinants of water user cooperation: Experimental evidence from Central AsiaAmirova, Iroda; Petrick, Martin; Djanibekov, Nodir
2021 Меры продовольственной политики в условиях COVID-19 в Центральной Азии и на Кавказе: Подведение итогов первого года пандемииDjanibekov, Nodir; Herzfeld, Thomas; Arias, Pedro Marcelo
2021 Food policy measures in response to COVID-19 in Central Asia and the Caucasus: Taking stock after the first year of the pandemicDjanibekov, Nodir; Herzfeld, Thomas; Arias, Pedro Marcelo
2021 Ranchers or pastoralists? Farm size, specialisation and production strategy amongst cattle farmers in south-eastern KazakhstanRobinson, Sarah; Bozayeva, Zhanyl; Mukhamedova, Nozilakhon; Djanibekov, Nodir; Petrick, Martin
2022 The impact of COVID-19 on agrifood systems and rural areas in Central Asia and Caucasus countries: Final report of a study commissioned by FAODjanibekov, Nodir; Herzfeld, Thomas
2022 30 years of farm restructuring and water management reforms in Central AsiaPomfret, Richard; Djanibekov, Nodir
2022 Community, state and market: Understanding historical water governance evolution in Central AsiaAmirova, Iroda; Petrick, Martin; Djanibekov, Nodir
2022 Investment traps and resilience to shocks: An experimental study of Central Asian collective water governanceAmirova, Iroda; Petrick, Martin; Djanibekov, Nodir