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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Some facets of human resource management in the industrial organizations in Bulgaria after the privatizationDimitrov, Kiril
2009 Several Norms and Beliefs, Defining the Attitude to Human Resources in the Industrial OrganizationsDimitrov, Kiril
2011 The Strategic Moves of Succeeding Companies in Bulgaria Midst the World Financial and Economic CrisisDimitrov, Kiril
2012 Natural analogies among organizational culture modelsDimitrov, Kiril
2012 Critical Review of Models, Containing Cultural Levels beyond the Organizational OneDimitrov, Kiril
2013 Contemporary facets of business successes among leading companies, operating in BulgariaDimitrov, Kiril
2013 Mapping organization culture with complex multi-level modelsDimitrov, Kiril
2014 Geert Hofstede et al’s Set of National Cultural Dimensions - Popularity and CriticismsDimitrov, Kiril
2015 Talent management – an etymological studyDimitrov, Kiril
2016 Exploring the nuances in the relationship “culture-strategy” for the business worldDimitrov, Kiril
2017 The aggregate of professed firm culture elementsDimitrov, Kiril
2018 Dominating Attributes Of Professed Firm Culture Of Holding Companies – Members Of The Bulgarian Industrial Capital AssociationDimitrov, Kiril; Geshkov, Marin
2019 Human resource management in business organizations under exponential growth conditionsDimitrov, Kiril
2020 The Professed Culture of the Business Organizations in the Defense Industry in Bulgaria. What Does it Look Like? And do they Need it?Dimitrov, Kiril; Ivanov, Ivaylo
2021 Important shades in the meaning of military culture – an etymological studyDimitrov, Kiril