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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Geography matters: Reconsidering the effect of geography on developmentBleaney, Michael; Dimico, Arcangelo
2008 Biogeographical conditions, the transition to agriculture and long-run growthBleaney, Michael; Dimico, Arcangelo
2009 Incidence, onset and duration of civil wars: A review of the evidenceBleaney, Michael; Dimico, Arcangelo
2010 Slavery, education, and inequalityBertocchi, Graziella; Dimico, Arcangelo
2011 The intensity of conflict, growth and post-conflict recoveryBleaney, Michael; Dimico, Arcangelo
2011 Race v. suffrage: The determinants of development in MississippiBertocchi, Graziella; Dimico, Arcangelo
2011 The evolution of the racial gap in education and the legacy of slaveryBertocchi, Graziella; Dimico, Arcangelo
2012 Origins of the Sicilian mafia: The market for lemonsDimico, Arcangelo; Isopi, Alessia; Olsson, Ola
2012 De jure and de facto determinants of power: Evidence from MississippiBertocchi, Graziella; Dimico, Arcangelo
2014 Poverty trap and educational shock: Evidence from missionary fieldsDimico, Arcangelo
2014 Size Matters: The Effect of the Scramble for Africa on Informal Institutions and DevelopmentDimico, Arcangelo
2015 The Long-Term Determinants of Female HIV Infection in Africa: The Slave Trade, Polygyny, and Sexual BehaviorBertocchi, Graziella; Dimico, Arcangelo
2015 The long-term determinants of female HIV infection in Africa: The slave trade, polygyny, and sexual behaviorBertocchi, Graziella; Dimico, Arcangelo
2017 Youth Enfranchisement, Political Responsiveness and Education Expenditure: Evidence from the U.S.Bertocchi, Graziella; Dimico, Arcangelo; Lancia, Francesco; Russo, Alessia